Expand Your Organs of Perception

131As a result of the breakage of the common soul, its descent and mixing of all kinds of broken parts even at the spiritual level, all kinds of analyses, clarifications, and scrutinies of these parts take place in us, and therefore a person is often in such states when he does not know what is happening to him; someone seems to be leading him, performing actions for him, he somehow automatically goes through life and suddenly there is some kind of an accident, fate, fatalism.

What to do? Being only in the sensation of our world, we do not understand anything. For this reason, there are some people who feel that they are supposedly messengers of the higher worlds. This is how their egoism sets them up: you are special, from somewhere out there, take care of yourself, you have a purpose, etc.

This has been known for centuries. Where did all the beliefs come from? Some eccentric jumped out of bed early in the morning and ran through the city, shouting that he had an epiphany. And it went on and on for thousands of years.

But all this comes to its logical end. Today we are in a state of clarifying these things.

According to Kabbalah, everything is explained very simply, according to absolute laws, not as mysticism, only higher physics. The difference between Kabbalah and all religions, beliefs, and even sciences is that it is very realistic. It is not limited, not rigid, and not closed, like other sciences, where scientists are blinded in their characteristics.

They do not understand that they are limited in their perception of the world by their qualities, and they believe that what they see exists. If they had expanded their senses and their organs of perception, they would have seen more. They do not have a mechanism for expanding the boundaries of their perception. This is the limitation of the sciences, their dead end.

Kabbalah is good because it says: “Indeed, we have only what we see, what we can clearly explore, with repetition, with experience, with many people, and so on, but within the limits of those boundaries that give us existing knowledge.

However, these limits can be expanded. Let us say you have such a framework, you see the world through some diopters, another through others, and a third through the third ones. Let us describe the world through all these diopters and see how we can change our vision, that is, our perception, and whether we can expand it. If we can, that is great.”

In such a way we get 125 degrees of attaining the universe, the world. Moreover, not only attainment of its image, but also in-depth opening, i.e., qualitative attainment.

We do not just expand the world by zooming in on stars with a telescope or magnifying microorganisms through microscopes. We change ourselves! You begin to see the world qualitatively, deep into the n-dimensional space.

Then you see its governance, internal connections, meaning, and everything else. But again, it is realistic, scientific, and is confirmed by those who are engaged in expanding their perception.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Perception of the reality of a schizophrenic” 6/9/12

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