When There Is No Answer to the Question About the Meaning of Life

79.01Question: Modern life is built solely on receiving an education, getting a good job, starting a family, and other similar steps. What is the ideal path of development of a person to change the corporeal orientation to a spiritual one?

Answer: If a person does not have the opportunity to become eternal, that is, to overcome the bar of death, then this life either does not initially make sense, or we need to make it the way we are constantly trying to do, to forget ourselves in this life.

We forget ourselves in it and lead an ordinary life; we show an example of how a person reaches some heights, how he does not pay attention to death, how he accepts his old age and death in a natural way, and so on.

So, we do everything just to accept our life as something normal, proper, natural, and accepted by everyone, and that is why we do that. In no case do we ask the question of the meaning of life, we do not show the end of a person with the question “What is all this for?” We keep this to ourselves always because we do not have an answer to this question.

But gradually we begin to go deeper into nature, and this is what the first Kabbalists did, who immediately asked the question “What is happening in nature?” because they have not yet been clogged with modern technologies and current diseases.

Eternal, perfect, infinite nature does not create anything in vain. Every cell and every organ is in cause-and-effect development and in addition to others. We see clear laws in it.

But where is all this nature? After it created so many things, what does it do with its result, with her most complex object—the human? Nothing! We see that everything connects, constantly rushes forward, and then an edge disappears. What is going on behind this invisible barrier? Where does everything disappear to?

Kabbalah begins to reveal the next dimension to us. Nothing disappears. The animalistic part dies the same way plants and animals die. We, however, as the crown of all development, go further. We must, from what we have been given create above our animalistic part the next part, which is called Man.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Work?” 3/29/11

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