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22 Forces of Nature

526Question: The article “The Letters of Rav Hamnuna Saba” allegorically tells that each letter comes to the Creator and says that He should start building the world precisely with it. However, the Creator answers: “Yes, you are good, but I will not start with you.”

What process are we talking about? What does it mean that the letters come to the Creator and each asks that the creation of the world would start with it? There are 22 such signs.

Answer: Yes, there are only 22 forces of nature that in combination with each other create the entire universe, absolutely all the worlds, and everything that fills them and saturates them.

It comes from just 22 letters. There are five additional letters that do not decide anything, but are simply written at the end of words.
From KabTV’s “Introduction of The Book of Zohar” 4/23/23

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The Uniqueness of Hebrew

151Hebrew is the language of the spiritual realms. It is the code of the connections of spiritual forces, the forces of our soul, in all possible combinations.

If we take the Bible from the first word “in the beginning” (“God created in the beginning”) until the last word “Israel,” then the whole combination of these letters represents the path that the human soul must go through, the soul of each one in its spiritual development.

Each person must go from his first to last point, which is called “Israel,” i.e., the point of our connection with the Creator.

Question: Isn’t it scary that people use Hebrew now?

Answer: No, of course not. What do they understand? It doesn’t matter. But in principle, all the same, to the extent of spiritual attainment, all people will use Hebrew.

It is impossible to describe the spiritual world with other icons, in a different sequence, and in a different combination. This is the code. Therefore it has not changed for thousands of years. You can do what you want with other languages, but Hebrew does not change.

You can take a book that was written two, three, or four thousand years ago and read it calmly if you know this language. There won’t be any problems for you; you won’t find a single word unknown to you there.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Uniqueness of Hebrew” 1/9/11

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If This Is Your First Time, You Are Forgiven

281.02Question: If a student who constantly engages in Kabbalah misses a lesson twice in a row, how is this recorded in his spiritual advancement?

Answer: This is recorded in his internal information data, and then it will be harder for him.

It is like when Adam fell into sin. The first time he tasted the forbidden apple and liked it, it was not a descent because then he did not know what it was. The second time, when he consciously could not restrain himself and tasted it again, this is called sin.

Even in our daily life, if a person commits an offense for the first time, we take it into account. He had no informational record of what would happen to him; he could not foresee that this would happen. For the first time, they make a certain concession for him. But the second time, that is it. Because after the second time, it is almost impossible to stop; there is a clear record that this is good, it is worth doing, and I am going for it.

Therefore, skip classes; once it could happen, but not twice in a row! No way! We should be very afraid of this because this approach weakens us very much. A person usually thinks: “Well, it did not work out, I could not.” And off we go, rolled down, back to this world.

By committing an offense twice, a person gets used to it. Even in the material world, everyone knows this.

You will not be shown leniency for not attending lessons or be given free passes and have everything fine after that. It does not depend on the teacher. I give you the spiritual law! If you want it, follow it; if you do not want it, do not. There is a law! Where are you going to jump? With the Creator, these things do not work.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To damage one’s destiny” 1/21/11

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Improve the World or Change Yourself?

597.01Comment: A person’s main problem is that he is not tied to higher coordinates. When you say that our world does not exist, that it is just an illusion, the question arises: “Where am I?”

My Response: Nothing can be done. There is a methodology for this. So it is necessary to gradually introduce a person into this, to explain, and to give him the opportunity to explore how to manage his qualities. All this is given to us initially. Everyone can and must attain the truth. This must be learned.

All the suffering in the world pushes us to do just that. It does not push us to improve our world, this small sphere in which we exist. There is no need for that.

We have to change ourselves so as to go out into the outer sphere, and then into a more external sphere, and into an even more external sphere. And if we start improving our little sphere instead, and we want to stay inside it, we only get the blows of nature, which try to push us out like a cherry stone. This is what we feel today in all our actions in the world.

Therefore, we do not need to change the world or even improve society, but rather we need to help a person reach the next degree of existence with a completely different screen in another world in another dimension.

You do not have to do anything else, just this. Everything else will only lead to additional suffering and to the postponement of the end; it will distance the good ascent.

Our world aspires only to this, and we will definitely come to this. But it all depends on the amount of suffering and the length of time it takes to realize that in the end we need to do something reasonable, i.e., first figure out what nature has planned for us.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, The Illusion of the World” 2/1/11

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Illusion of the World

423.01Comment: Looking at a person or an object, I feel them, as you say, through the interaction of forces. But I perceive these objects as a visual, illusory image, which you call a screen.

My Response: The fact is that we perceive our natural screen we were born with. The interaction of forces draws a multidimensional picture of the world on it.

That is, we create flat screens in ourselves, like a computer screen or a movie screen, which are located inside our world. Our world itself is also a screen, only it is three-dimensional, and voluminous, like 3D technologies or other latest techniques.

There are 125 such spherical screens, meaning spheres nested one into another. We are in the smallest inner sphere. This screen, that was initially given to us automatically and in which we imagine ourselves as existing, is called “our world.”

It is created by only two forces, reception and bestowal, at the very minimum level of their interaction. If we can develop them, and raise ourselves up so that the force of bestowal prevails over the force of reception, then we will expand and enter the next sphere, the next screen, where we will feel ourselves living, but in a completely different form.

That is, we will feel ourselves, our qualities, and the entire environment completely differently. This is called the “upper world.” Then we move on to the next state, and the next one, and so on.

All these states overlap each other, and they do not interfere with us, like if you were in a movie theater and see on the screen how you sit and watch a movie, and in that movie, you see how you sit and watch another movie, and so on. And in this way, 125 screens inwardly.

Comment: Everything I feel and see around me is actually the interaction of forces within me. But I see it on my internal screen. In fact, this screen is just an illusion through which I can somehow hold on to the forces that exist behind it.

My Response: It is very difficult to imagine this for a person who does not feel it. You just feel like you are in our reality. You draw it, meaning you create it with your thoughts and forces. In fact, it does not exist.

After all, 125 concentric spheres of attainment do not exist outside of you. You draw them, you create them.

This is a very complex science. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually get used to such an action, enter it, and get used to it. Then you suddenly feel that everything really is arranged in this way, and that is how you live.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Illusion Of the World” 2/1/11

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962.6Question: What is the real truth?

Answer: If we start from below, from us, then it does not exist because we are constantly changing and we do not have a foundation on which we can build the truth. Truth is verity; truth stems from our root that we all originate from.

Everything that exists in our root, as in a point, is the truth. You can say, “If this is already at the root, why should I focus on it?” But you have nothing else to direct yourself to. You came from there; you do not know anything other than that; you cannot invent or imagine anything other than that.

Therefore, what is at the root is in absolute agreement, symbiosis, harmony, and complementation to each other; it forms the concept of root, basis, which for you is truth, veracity. Just that.

You cannot invent anything else. Nothing can come to your mind because you are only a descendant of this root. Therefore, the attainment of the root is the attainment of the truth.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Truth” 1/9/11

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154Question: What is hatred?

Answer: Hatred is when I want to see the other person not die, not disappear, but suffer in full accordance with my ideas about suffering. I do not want him to die. No, absolutely not. I wish him such sensations that I will now come up with especially for him so that he remains in them.

Comment: In fact, it is like sadism.

My Response: This is such a high form of relationship that is opposite to love, one against the other. Two opposite forms of attitude to the other person, to a being, to nature, to the Creator, no matter to whom.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Hatred” 1/27/11

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New Life 260 – The Challenges And Difficulties Of Youth

New Life 260 – The Challenges And Difficulties Of Youth
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Children and youth are lost today since, for the first time in history, parents cannot prepare a good world for them. Without traditional boundaries, youth struggle with excessive consumption, addiction, and eating disorders. They go to extremes because, without feeling a limit, the edge, they do not feel alive. The only way to attain mental fulfillment for youth is if parents change the general atmosphere toward connection and then spread the new knowledge to the next generation.
From KabTV’s “New Life 260 – The Challenges And Difficulties Of Youth,” 11/25/13
This summary was written and edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

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“What are some things we can do to help ease our anxiety about the future?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What are some things we can do to help ease our anxiety about the future?

To understand that it is just anxiety and not reality.

We should look into what we have the ability to do today, understanding that any anxieties about the future are about what might happen later, and accordingly we should calm down.

Fearing the future gives us absolutely nothing. We nevertheless do not know what will happen tomorrow, so why should we get anxious with various worries and concerns?

Based on the video “Anxiety about the Future – A Kabbalist’s View” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.