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laitman_251Question: What is the principle of the name HaVaYaH—the four-letter name of the Creator?

Answer: Kabbalah came to us from Adam—a man who lived 5,777 years ago. He was the first to disclose and describe this science of the upper world, about the governing system of the whole universe and us.

It has been developing since then. “Kabbalah” in Hebrew means “to receive.” After Adam, a whole school emerged whose representatives called themselves Kabbalists, that is, those who “received” the higher knowledge about the governing system of our world.

Adam revealed that two forces operate the world: the negative and the positive. They are opposite to each other but work in harmony with each other and form all kinds of connections and interactions. One of them is the quality to bestow (1); the second is the quality to receive (2).

A horizontal line denotes the quality of bestowal, and the vertical line is the quality of receiving. In addition to them, there is a point (3), which signifies the beginning of creation. The whole universe consists of these three elements.

With their help, you can express any combination of forces, the state of any element of creation. Therefore, when we say that the upper Light acts, we mean that it acts upon the point.

The impact of the upper Light from Keter, which is still without any form, on the desire (the red dot) leads to the emergence of the initial point of the letter “Yod,” which then grows into a special tail denoting the further spreading of Light. That is, from the point (the quality of Keter) the letter “Yod “(the quality of Hochma) is acquired.

Continuing to evolve, the Light turns into a very interesting system, called “Hey”—a special letter or sign. It is how a special property—Bina appears, which changes to be similar to Keter. This, in fact, is the desire to receive, which while in Keter is just a point and must acquire the form of the letter “Hey” to become like Keter.

Further distribution of the letter “Hey” forms the letter “Vav” (Zeir Anpin), and the second letter “Hey” (Malchut).

Thus, Adam revealed that the governance of the entire system of the universe occurs through combinations of two forces and they are graphically depicted.

He derived forms of interaction between the force of bestowal, the force of receiving, and the point, and discovered only 22 forms of interaction in nature, the so-called “22 letters” plus five final letters that denote the endings of all influences. These comprise theHebrew alphabet.

The alphabet is an image of all possible combinations of two forces that exist in the universe.

Today, science reveals that this is the very first alphabet in the world. It came to us from the first man. And by the first, it doesn’t mean the first person on Earth, but the first one who revealed the upper system of governance. Therefore, he is called, Adam.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/5/17

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