The Way From Chaos To Harmony, Part 1

laitman_423.03Question: Chaos and disorder are a part of our life. Usually a person strives to determine laws and put everything in order, but nature always knocks us out of balance and plunges us into chaos. Why is our life constantly getting out of control and our world moving toward a constantly growing disorder?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah asserts that, in fact, we exist in the world of Infinity, in an endless Light, in an ideal, optimally organized system. This system is constant and never changes because it is absolutely perfect.

The system is called the world of Infinity because it has no limits and is in an ideal, immutable order, without any need for correcting or changing any of its elements. But a person existing within this system must constantly change. We have informational genes, records (Reshimot) of impressions, states, desires, and thoughts that are being constantly updated.

A spiral of such records about thoughts (that is, impressions in the mind) and desires (impressions in the heart) is constantly unwinding in a person, and he is changing. Therefore, it seems to us that the world is changing, which is, in fact, immutable. We see a constant, beautiful, infinite Light in front of us, but our perception changes all the time.

If we approach the Light thorough our properties, then we feel good, and if we change in the opposite direction, then we feel bad in all sorts of ways.This, in fact, determines all our life. Therefore, we can talk about chaos or harmony only in relation to a specific person and the world that he feels in his constantly updated organs of perception. Because of this, it seems to us that the world is changing and we are changing, but all these changes exist only in relation to ourselves. And if we see chaos around us, it means this chaos exists exclusively within us.

This can lead to despair because it turns out that I do not know where I really am and what is happening. I do not see the world of Infinity because I am locked inside my distorted imagination and I perceive my own properties and thoughts constantly changing according to the program that is unknown to me. That is, I see my own film, the form of the world that my thoughts and desires project to me.

Question: But if my thoughts and desires are revealed according to the program of development, then there is an order in them.

Answer: The order really exists, but it is not known to us. And if we react inappropriately to their disclosure, then we enter this order with incorrect properties, actions, and thoughts, and this changes our development. This is what our life consists of and it is happening moment after moment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/24/17

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