If You Wish To Fix The World, Start With Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we force ourselves onto nature in an attempt to “correct” it as our mind dictates, nothing good will ever come out of it. In truth, we don’t know what brings harm and what makes an improvement, and what form it will take in the end. One thing is certain: The world completely depends on the correction of man who must correct himself. If he doesn’t, he sees the surrounding world as corrupted as it is now. But if instead of correcting himself he starts correcting it, he makes it worse!

On the outside, in still, vegetative, and animate nature there is nothing to correct! It must remain the way it is; and the only thing we can transform is man, internally. Therefore, don’t evaluate what is harmful and what is beneficial: If I am getting a beating to get transformed during the journey, then I accept these problems as aid. After all, only man pays dues. If it weren’t for you, all nature would be in balance. But in order to have you evolve, it gets out of balance, and you start feeling it in yourself.

All of the surrounding nature is your external desires that you cannot correct yet; in Kabbalah these outward levels are regarded as “cover” and “house” (“Levush” and “Eichal”). If you don’t wish to work on them, they will be bothering you. And if you decide to correct them directly, instead of reforming your inner desires, by annihilating some type of fly or other animal species, hoping to improve the world thereby, it will only lead to a double catastrophe on both planes: as on the material plane, so on the spiritual one.

From trying to perform “corrections” on the outside, which wasn’t supposed to be touched at all, not only will you continue to suffer internally, but also externally. Everything there is in the world, no matter how harmful, has its designation and must exist. If you wish to fix it, please do: Fix yourself!

Before World War II, Baal HaSulam was shouting out that we were headed for disaster, and he appealed to people to make corrections, but nobody would listen. And all who remained in Poland ended up in Nazi concentration camps. But even today, we still don’t hear the warnings.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/10, “The Peace”

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  1. I will try to make sense here but it is difficult…I am taking the Kabbalah classes on line with the education center…It has confirmed most of my readings that I have done over the past 15 yrs with many authors and publications…Most people have been programed to live in fear of themselves, others and nature…How can we simplify the teachings of the Kabbalah and the Zohar, so that all can wrap their minds around this idea, to reach those who cannot listen to anyother text than the New Testament..And yes I do understand that the teachings of the Kabbalah is not a religion….I was raised in a Baptist family, baptised a Lutheran and now follow my own heart of love, kindness and compassion for my follow man and nature..I do not attend church or follow any set religion…Your teachings, for me, have addressed the simplified idea of the Creator, and has touched on Karma, so to speak, and the idea of reaching degrees of enlightenment through a profound legacy of wisdom… maybe I will better understand the teachings once I have finished your classes…I have only recently embraced that idea of my/our divinity…The idea is so simple to know, it is like setting agreements with oneself of behavior…Becoming more like the Creator and teaching this idea to others in a fashion that does not encroach upon their beliefs: how does one to that???Most look for their Creator on the outside of themselves…They wait to be saved and forgiven of their sins at the end of their lives…This drives them to think that they are separete from the masses, they remove themselves of the responsibility of their action…They don’t seem to understand that their negative thoughts are poision that they spew out in every direction and therefore do not look back at what they have created with those bad thoughts and deeds…I sometimes feel like mankind will take a long time to come to grips with its divinity, to step out of the mind set of war, terror and fear of their neighbor…How do we teach the love of oneself and for others…Everyday I set an intention of peace, love, and compassion for our brothers and sisters and do look forward to a changed world by which we can move into this transition of world unity… I set example of behavior and pray that this positive energy is realized by others in some fashion, maybe a gentle nudge of thought…Thank you for listening to me and for your teachings, I look forward to the class tomorrow…I feel blessed with the knowledge that all of the ancient teachings are now coming to the surface to be shared with the people of this planet and I do realize that the Kabbalah Philosophy is one more chapter we will perceive in Human History…

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