Do You Want To See The World Differently?

254.02Question: What is the most important thing for you to convey to your students?

Answer: The correct worldview: a view of the world, life, a person, and an epoch.

This is the most important thing for me—to position a person toward the right view of his life. To do this, I need to more or less explain to him the picture of the world in which he exists and how it can be changed in the best direction, with what, by what means, and to what this picture of the world should be brought—because it depends on us.

The world is a derivative of our perception. It turns out that we don’t live in the world, but the world lives in us. And this is what you need to convey to a person—that you make your world, you create it, you paint it inside yourself! It’s not easy to get to this point. To start relating to the world like this is a revolution, a person’s very serious internal, spiritual revolution.

It is necessary to bring people to this, to draw their attention to the fact that the world is not what they feel. The world is a derivative of how they relate to it, that is, you can remake and readjust yourself to the perception of another world. The world does not have its own shape, its own form. This is a picture that you can program. And so you can build the world you live in.

Question: And will the world I live in immediately change for me?

Answer: Of course. It will change according to your wishes, your qualities, and your efforts. That is, you create the world.

Comment: Now, in your daily Kabbalah lessons, you have put aside for a while such texts as The  Study of the Ten Sefirot and The Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah, and we are studying articles of Baal HaSulam, currently “Peace in the World,” “The Peace,” and so on. Please explain this turnaround.

My Response: This is necessary in order to understand that indeed the world is purely a reflection of our attitude to it.

We exist in a world of upper light. And to the extent that we approach and adapt to this light, we will feel it and feel it in various forms. And these forms should progress depending on our inner change and self-improvement. That’s what I need to bring a person to.

Do you want to see the world differently? Let’s do it!

But for this we must first acquire some knowledge and some tools in order to understand how we perceive the world and how and to what kind of world we can change it.

Because the world itself has no particular quality and no particular form. If we do not interfere in it, then all of us people see the world the same because we all have an egoistic desire and it tunes us to this mutual picture of the world. Therefore we have a common perception, a common language, communication, interaction, and so on.

But if I begin to understand that the world is what I draw in myself, and in this way I see it outside of myself, then I can already work on an individual picture of the world, the arrangement of the world. And here we are already entering a completely different area. That is, we begin to understand why we are in such a deteriorating world, why it is felt by us in this way, and what we can do in order to begin to feel it differently.

To do this we must readjust internally and come to a state where we will feel in our five bodily sense organs one picture of the world, like everyone else around us.

And in the five organs that we will gradually create in ourselves, we will feel another world, the so-called upper world. We will be able to feel the difference between them, how the upper world paints a picture of this world in us, and how we can rise from this world to the upper world. These are the states that we must begin to realize in ourselves; they should gradually become closer and closer to us.

Therefore our most important task is to go through certain stages of spiritual preparation, and then begin to change ourselves, and correspondingly observe how we change the picture of the world around us in accordance with our internal changes, as a consequence of our internal changes.

The fact that this world is given to us in such a state is a certain picture given to us, perceived by us in our primordial egoistic qualities, which are also gradually changing. They change for everyone, more or less, at the same time. Therefore we observe humanity and inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature as gradually changing. But this development is very slow, over thousands of years, and it is purely egoistic.

If we rise above our egoism, we will begin to enter into completely different sensations of the world, and we will already see a different world, a different picture, different interactions in ourselves, as it were, independent of the external picture.

We will no longer see inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and man, but rather the world of forces—that which actually exists. And our world is also the forces that influence us and create such projections of this world in us that seem alive and existing to us as given in our sensations.

But in fact it is important for us to start interacting with the world of forces; that is what I have to bring people to. They don’t know it yet, but they need to be prepared for it. Preparation takes many years. I think that today it is already possible to talk about this, and we should come close to it literally within the next short while, maybe even in a few weeks.

Therefore I do not want to engage in sheer mechanics or some kind of abstract science where we draw some charts on a piece of paper to depict interactions between physical forces that we do not understand.

And when we are able to reproduce and realize these forces in ourselves, then what we study will be our theoretical part, which is necessary for the implementation of our spiritual actions. That is what I want to bring people to.

Therefore I am in no hurry to break into the very science of Kabbalah. In order to break into it practically, we need to hold certain forces of nature that are not yet in us today; they are not yet manifested. We need to start revealing them and learn how to really work with them.

This is the answer to what we must come to.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/9/21

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