There Is No Choice!

232.09Question: Is annulment an act of free choice or an obligation?

Answer: If you want to develop spiritually, you must annul yourself. The reduction of egoism (Tzimtzum) is the very first condition of our spiritual development. And then we will develop in the property of bestowal, and this is faith above reason.

So, there is no choice here. If you do not want to, you will be brought to it anyway.

Question: Is the action of self-annulment to zero an action from above? Can I do it myself or does the Creator do it?

Answer: Everything comes from the Creator. But you act like you are doing it yourself. The Creator starts and ends everything. Only He does everything, and a person should try to participate in this. That is how it works.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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