What Would I Carve In Stone?

219.01Question: In order for something good to come true, you need to set a goal. Some experts say, “You need to sit down and write, precisely write, what you want to achieve. And then you will succeed. And write down your goals with your hand, with a pen, not on a computer,” even today. In this case you have a better chance of success.”

Why was the past more successful, when we wrote with a pen?

Answer: This is not the past. It just expresses your thoughts naturally. And it would be even better if you would take a chisel and hammer and carved it on stone.

Question: Does this mean so you will work hard for it?

Answer: Yes. You should do so.

Question: Are you literally saying this?

Answer: Of course. A person should invest himself in his future, in his plans. Therefore do it this way.

Question: And if he does it on a computer?

Answer: It’s very fast, accessible, and he can delete it and write again. It’s not the same.

Question: Is it desirable that it cannot be erased?

Answer: Yes. This is the first condition.

Question: What kind of goal should a person carve on a stone?

Answer: An important goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s paramount or not. But he should know that he is carving it. It is not for nothing that it is said that what is written with a pen cannot be cut down with an ax. A pen is the same as something carved on a stone.

Question: Tell me, do goals change in the course of a person’s life? Does he have to carve out another goal next?

Answer: Certainly. They change. It’s okay; let them change. This is called the “book of life” that he writes. Let it be so; it doesn’t matter. And do not erase what happened. This is his development.

Question: And what happens when he literally carves? What is going on inside him at the same time? Let’s say he accepts your formula and carves it out on the stone: “I want to reach true love.”

What is going on inside him at the same time?

Answer: That’s how he wants it to be. He is already investing himself in his future.

Question: Can we say that he carves it inside himself, in fact?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Is it possible to carve a goal that does not change throughout life and to advance toward it?

Answer: It is possible, but it will still deepen and change. Maybe according to the external form that you carve, it will not change, but according to the content, it will.

Question: What goal would you set in stone today?

Answer: I would like to see all my students united together now. It would be a wonderful group who would hold on to each other all over the globe and who could really become a link between unhappy humanity and the mighty Creator. That is what I would carve.

We would feel that everything leads us to it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/29/21

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