Illusion And Reality

928Outside of himself, a person sees the world as contrived by himself and, therefore, he can change it.

The world that we see now is made up of our inner uncorrected properties. Nevertheless, we can create a different world—a real one—not with our internal properties, but with those that we will create outside of ourselves in relation to others and then to the Creator. This world, the spiritual world, will be real. It turns out that our world is actually mystical and the spiritual world is true.

We can do all of this now, during our lives, here in this world; we can pass the states of life and death and go out into immortality. After all, the upper world is not based on absorption, like our world in which by ceasing to enjoy one is gradually dying. The upper world is infinite because its love and bestowal are infinite and can only grow. Therefore, existence in the upper world does not occur within the framework of time.

Time does not exist. It only indicates the depravity of our world; it was—passed, it passed—was, it will be or it will not, and so on. In the upper world, we only rise from perfection to an even greater level of perfection; the past is included in the future, and, therefore, it is felt by us as the world of infinity in space, time, motion, and in everything.

We go beyond the bounds of time, beyond all the limitations, which our egoism paints in the corporeal world within our terrible properties.

Entering the next world depends on the extent to which we acquire the qualities of bestowal and love. As soon as we begin to acquire them, even on a minimal scale, we will immediately feel ourselves in a different volume, a different space, moving in a different field, dealing with a different force that will pull us into itself, and we will follow and realize it, adapt, and identify ourselves with it more and more.

This is the revelation of the Creator to a person in this world. Then, this world will gradually disappear like a haze and we will remain only in the spiritual world and identify ourselves with the upper force of goodness and bestowal, which is called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18

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