22 Forces of Nature

526Question: The article “The Letters of Rav Hamnuna Saba” allegorically tells that each letter comes to the Creator and says that He should start building the world precisely with it. However, the Creator answers: “Yes, you are good, but I will not start with you.”

What process are we talking about? What does it mean that the letters come to the Creator and each asks that the creation of the world would start with it? There are 22 such signs.

Answer: Yes, there are only 22 forces of nature that in combination with each other create the entire universe, absolutely all the worlds, and everything that fills them and saturates them.

It comes from just 22 letters. There are five additional letters that do not decide anything, but are simply written at the end of words.
From KabTV’s “Introduction of The Book of Zohar” 4/23/23

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