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The Form of the Future World Is Global Mutual Guarantee

929Mutual guarantee for each other is a correction that all mankind must receive from above. As a result, everyone will be obliged to come to the form of Adam HaRishon, that is, to become like one man with a common mind and heart.

We will not see any partitions between us, but we will feel ourselves existing in one body: both in the spiritual sense and in the corporeal, which includes all our desires, thoughts, qualities, and hopes.

There will be no separation between us. We will look by ourselves for what can divide us, and thus eliminate these differences and become as one. Then we will acquire the form of a man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

This noble goal is to be achieved by all people and all nations, for our future lies in it. Let us hope it comes as soon as possible. All this depends on how we can break down the walls that separate us so that nothing separates us from each other, and all the differences that we are now discovering have turned into forces of connection. And then the darkness will shine like light.

The more tightly we unite, the more we will feel how the upper light, the Creator, fills all the gaps between us. And all the obstacles that disturbed the connection will, on the contrary, become sources of uniting forces. That is why we will feel 620 times greater unity, attainment, and the feeling of the revelation of the Creator together as one spiritual Kli. All this is thanks to the mutual guarantee.

It is said that darkness will shine like light. That is, the differences, the forces of confrontation that we cannot overcome yet, will turn into their opposite, into a powerful connection and such strong ties that we will feel like one whole, in one heart, in a single system where everyone supports everyone as one.

The confrontation will turn into a supporting force. It is due to the correction of distance, differences, internal resistance, and rejection of a person by another, that the small, almost imperceptible light that is between us will receive a 620-fold gain. Then everyone will clearly feel the whole world as one person filled with the force of the Creator without any differences and barriers. Thus we come to a full mutual guarantee.
From KabTV’s “The Arvut” 5/23/23

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The Torah Is a Gift from the Creator to a Person

760.1The essence of the Torah is to give a person the opportunity to reach the state in which he finds the Creator. To the extent a person receives the ability to understand, agree, and make an effort, he begins to feel the true world that we exist in and that is so far concealed from all other inhabitants of this world.

The giving of the Torah is really a gift given to a person who leads an animalistic existence in this world, but who receives the opportunity to become a man. He can rise above the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels to the level of Adam (similar to the Creator) through the changes made in him by the Creator under a certain condition.

A person must agree with this plan, accept it for himself, and implement it. The purpose of creation is to raise all the people of this world to the degree of the Creator, that is, to bring them to complete adhesion with Him.

Everyone should feel and attain that there is one central force in nature that is the Creator. He alone controls everything, moves everything, supports everything, and we are completely dependent on Him 100%. But on the other hand, we also influence our development. We cannot change the direction of development, but we determine its pace.

In the end, everyone will come to final correction, but at every step we are required to stop, examine our condition and everything that led to it, and decide how to take another step forward from this point.

The entire work of a person is to come to the final correction.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/23, “The Time of the Giving of the Torah”

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Chemical Reaction of Connecting Souls

934The first step to achieve the love of the Creator is to adhere to friends in the group by loving one’s neighbor as oneself. In the first stage, a person discovers his inability to love others and turns to the Creator for help.

Then he sees how much he depends on his friends, on everyone individually, and all together. He aims to get closer to each friend and support him, as well as bring everyone together into one system that the Creator fills and raises higher and higher on the degrees of unity.

Adhesion means that I strive to get closer to my friend by getting to know him better and strengthening the inner connection with him until we feel like one person with one heart. This means that we have one desire, even though we are two different people.

We feel the distance between us all the time, but over it, we want to achieve closeness and connection. And so I learn how much these two opposites help each other.

I study the qualities of a friend and try to make my qualities correspond to him in an external form.

Children learn from adults by imitating them in everything. This instinct is embedded in the child at the animate level. On a spiritual level we need to penetrate the inner qualities of an adult, into his feelings, understanding, and nature, and try to become like him inside.

Of course, this is impossible. But we can outwardly perform actions imitating someone else, even the Creator, and ask Him to reward our efforts by making internal changes in us that will bring us closer to Him. That is the whole point of working in a group.

In a group of ten people, there are ten desires, and each desire is divided into smaller ones. If we try to get closer and closer to each other and intertwine our desires, then over time we will feel how each is imbued with the desires of the other, and gradually we turn into one person with one heart.

Such a connection between people does not happen in the material world—it is a connection of spiritual nature on another level. It is like a chemical reaction between atoms of different substances when they combine into increasingly complex molecules. But only this reaction of connection occurs at a higher degree: between desires, thoughts, and perceptions, and until everything unites into one heart.

Each of us has different qualities, but above all of us, there is one head that controls everything. If the ten is built and operates on this principle, then we feel the revelation of the Creator in it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/23, “The Time of the Giving of the Torah”

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“Can there be more than one Israel?” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “Can there be more than one Israel?
A new survey published in Israel reveals that about half of the Jewish public in Israel believes that splitting Israeli society into two autonomous states is possible. Ten percent of the respondents in the survey believe that such a division is not only possible, but even likely. In my opinion, dividing the State of Israel into two separate states is possible only in theory, but not in practice. What the survey does show, however, is how divided and splintered Israeli society really is, and this is what we should really worry about.

As a practical idea, two autonomous Jewish states cannot happen because the division would be between secular and orthodox Jews. However, the orthodox Jews cannot sustain a state on their own without the help of the secular part of society, primarily in the economic aspect.

At the same time, the secular part of society will not be able to maintain a separate state because its social cohesion relies on denunciation of the orthodox Jews. If it receives its own state, without orthodox Jews, the fragmented secular society that is currently united against the religious would have nothing to keep it together and would shatter into countless pieces.

Fragmentation and division have plagued Jewish society since our inception as a nation. However, breaking up has never solved anything for us. On the contrary, it only worsened our plights.

Instead of looking to splinter our society even more, we should understand that our only hope of solving our problems is by embracing the differences between us and using them for the common good. Jews will never be similar to one another. On the contrary, the differences and divisions between us will only widen and intensify the feeling of estrangement. And the only way that we can ever deal with our mutual aversion is to accept the differences, embrace them, and then contribute each sector’s unique qualities for the success of Israeli society in its entirety.

Such an approach may sound impossible to carry out, but we really have no choice. Either we embrace it, or we will fall apart altogether.

It is not a new approach. In fact, this was the modus operandi that our ancestors sought to implement. King Solomon encapsulated this method with a single verse (Prov. 10:12): “Hate stirs strife, and love will cover all crimes.” In other words, hate causes conflicts, but we cannot solve them through compromise, but rather by cultivating love for one another despite the hatred. It may seem impossible, and certainly undesirable, to love someone when what I feel is hate, but it is nevertheless the only solution that will save the State of Israel from dissolution.

The way to overcome such a formidable hurdle is to focus not on our negative feelings, but on our responsibility to the world. We must remember that our nation emerged from strangers who followed Abraham’s ideology of unity and mercy among all people, which he bequeathed to his progeny and disciples. Therefore, it is precisely when we feel like strangers that we can implement our forefather’s ideology and realize the greatest legacy of the Jewish people to the world: the motto, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is also when we become a light to the nations, as we had been chosen to be, and what the world still expects us to do.

Our entire history, we have been running away from our vocation. Our entire history, we have been persecuted, expelled, and murdered almost to extinction. It is time to stop running from ourselves, from who we are destined to be, a nation of courageous people who face their own hatred of each other and prove to the world that unity among strangers, which is how we feel about each other, is possible, and we are the living proof. Only if we do this, we will find peace, and peace of mind, and the world will find them with us.


115Question: At the end of the article “The Letters of Rav Hamnuna Saba” it is written that all the letters’ questions mean raising MAN by the letters, and all the answers are the descending of MAD. What does it mean?

Answer: When a person is reading certain texts, he raises his desires, requests, and prayers to the Creator, and this is called MAN.

When a person finishes his request, his prayer, then he receives from above what is called MAD, which is a descent of the upper light, the upper force. This is how a person influences the Creator and the Creator influences a person. This is what is called MAN and MAD.

Therefore, it is said that being in the Sinai desert, the sons of Israel were fed on MAN, manna from heaven, that is, through raising their desires, their prayers to the Creator. In response, they received from above something like a white semolina, that is, a substance covering the sand in the desert. They collected this substance and ate it for 40 years.

40 years symbolizes from Malchut to Bina, that people must pass through and correct those qualities, and then they enter the palace of the Creator and reveal Him.
From KabTV’s “Introduction of The Book of Zohar” 4/23/23

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Kabbalah—The Source of Sciences

1.02Question: What came first: Kabbalah or science?

Answer: In principle, science came from Kabbalah, which was discovered by Adam more than 5,700 years ago. After him, Kabbalists appeared 20 generations before Abraham, before ancient Babylon, and then others appeared after Abraham.

Kabbalah gave us a system. Philosophy emerged from Kabbalah. As medieval German philosophers write, Aristotle and Plato took scientific knowledge from Kabbalists, developed it, and turned it into philosophies, which became the foundations of the sciences.

Many ancient scientists write that they studied with Kabbalists. After all, back then, man aspired to enquire about the general nature that is not in his five animalistic sense organs. Today it sounds fantastic that a person was first drawn to know the meaning of his life; he was very close to nature, and this was what interested him. And then people went into egoistic development and into all kinds of technologies, and they adhered to this right up to our time. But now we are returning to the same position again, to the same first explorers of our world.

The study of our world is the most fundamental; it determines what we live for, what the material world is, and in what we exist.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Science?” 3/6/11

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Consequences of the Technological Revolution

959Question: Why did humanity gradually erase the edge of feeling the spiritual world and then we began to develop egotistically?

Answer: This is because egoism has surged up! The technological revolution began. A person began to develop various technologies and forgot himself in them, started playing with toys, as he is losing himself playing with iPads and everything else today, as if his whole life is in playing in pictures with music.

Nature hammers a person in a person, makes him be a child. Look at what is happening in the world! There are no adults, a person does not want to grow up, he plays all his life.

He doesn’t need a family, he doesn’t need anything, he wants to travel, work a little, and have fun. And this is so until the end of one’s life.

Women still realistically relate to life. They give birth without men and raise children. And, thank God, that our time gives them the opportunity to be financially independent. And men play with toys and remain children. This is what technology has done to us.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Science?” 3/6/11

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The Exclusivity of Ideal People

229Question: How do you see humanity, which is divided by genetics into a caste of improved ideal people and those who stayed the old-fashioned way? Will there be any problems? After all, Kabbalah also says that in the society of the future there will be ideal people who are similar to the Creator, and people who are deprived of such an opportunity. Is that not elitist?

Answer: The fact is that people who will be similar to the Creator will be engaged in educating and providing for those people who have not yet become similar to the Creator up to the moment when all people will move from the current egoistic state to the right, corrected, altruistic state.

Question: Is this the exclusivity of these ideal people?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Does it mean that there will be no racism here?

Answer: No, it cannot come from them.

Question: Will there be no advantages of some over others?

Answer: The advantage will be only in that they will take the reins of governance into their hands and will be able to show, prove, and train all the others who are still uncorrected what they need to become.

Question: What should we become?

Answer: Love thy neighbor as thyself. This was said several thousand years ago.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/20/23

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The World Is One Big Village

115.05Question: What is history from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is the development of egoism.

History is the development of the simplest egoism, which gradually increases from small, individual, family, like in animals, to communal, urban, state, and finally global.

Accordingly, we see the struggles of people at the same level. First, the settlements fought with each other, then small disparate states. Then they united because it was necessary to unite in the fight until they reached the current state.

Now egoism shows us that we are in a useless fight with each other, that we are connected with each other. At the same time full mutual interconnection is revealed, and therefore we raise our hands: “What to do?”

If one country closes and then another, unpredictable phenomena will begin in the world. The world does not realize that it will come to a standstill and that is it. You will not be able to turn on air conditioners or heating, there will be no international connection, nothing. The whole world will just stop.

What does the world have? If today it does not receive a couple of tankers with oil, then it will only have strategic reserves for as long as they last in each country. That is it. We are sitting on an oil needle, not to mention other needles. If there is no fuel, who will deliver food to various countries?

We have no idea how interconnected we are, how fragile it all is. Today there can be no world war because no country provides for itself. I am not talking about any frills, but about the essentials.

Today, living on the twentieth floor, you cannot live as you once did in the village, where you had your own garden, your own cellar, planted potatoes and cabbage, and you were ok; you provided yourself with everything. It is not like that any longer.

I remember my childhood in the small town of Vitebsk with a population of a quarter of a million people. We had a small plot and a large cellar where, like everyone else, we kept potatoes, cabbage, garlic, and onions. All this was prepared for a year so that the family would not starve.

This was the case for most of the population. Today no one has that. Imagine huge residential areas and cities with a population of over a million. What will you feed them? There will be pestilence all over the earth. We do not realize what will happen if a couple of large countries suddenly cease to function.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is History?” 3/13/11

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