Chemical Reaction of Connecting Souls

934The first step to achieve the love of the Creator is to adhere to friends in the group by loving one’s neighbor as oneself. In the first stage, a person discovers his inability to love others and turns to the Creator for help.

Then he sees how much he depends on his friends, on everyone individually, and all together. He aims to get closer to each friend and support him, as well as bring everyone together into one system that the Creator fills and raises higher and higher on the degrees of unity.

Adhesion means that I strive to get closer to my friend by getting to know him better and strengthening the inner connection with him until we feel like one person with one heart. This means that we have one desire, even though we are two different people.

We feel the distance between us all the time, but over it, we want to achieve closeness and connection. And so I learn how much these two opposites help each other.

I study the qualities of a friend and try to make my qualities correspond to him in an external form.

Children learn from adults by imitating them in everything. This instinct is embedded in the child at the animate level. On a spiritual level we need to penetrate the inner qualities of an adult, into his feelings, understanding, and nature, and try to become like him inside.

Of course, this is impossible. But we can outwardly perform actions imitating someone else, even the Creator, and ask Him to reward our efforts by making internal changes in us that will bring us closer to Him. That is the whole point of working in a group.

In a group of ten people, there are ten desires, and each desire is divided into smaller ones. If we try to get closer and closer to each other and intertwine our desires, then over time we will feel how each is imbued with the desires of the other, and gradually we turn into one person with one heart.

Such a connection between people does not happen in the material world—it is a connection of spiritual nature on another level. It is like a chemical reaction between atoms of different substances when they combine into increasingly complex molecules. But only this reaction of connection occurs at a higher degree: between desires, thoughts, and perceptions, and until everything unites into one heart.

Each of us has different qualities, but above all of us, there is one head that controls everything. If the ten is built and operates on this principle, then we feel the revelation of the Creator in it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/23, “The Time of the Giving of the Torah”

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