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Why Do We Get Sick?

228Question: In 1969, Oliver Sacks, a young neurologist, experimented with a “wonder drug” on patients with intractable, post-encephalitic parkinsonian syndrome. These sufferers of sleeping sickness were in a frozen state. The patients were trapped patients within themselves, some for nearly 40 years. His book Awakenings recounts the extraordinary case reports of how patients trapped by parkinsonism were re-awakened by levodopa after decades of stupor and inertia. They remembered what they were like 25 to 40 years ago, but the remaining segment of their life was like a cut out of their memory. The miraculous drug had varying side effects including patients returning to their vegetative states.

What was it?

Answer: It was a shutdown of some part of the brain. After all, a person is an animal. Depending on the level that he is functioning at, he can be a plant, he can be a human being, or he can be even higher.

It is all regulated by the level of desires. However, we are not capable of injecting new desires from a higher level into a person. For this one needs to be in a special environment where he can receive them, and through this environment, he can also draw the action of the light upon himself. The light transforms these desires in the way that the person can sense the governing forces within them.

Freedom of will means that a person can draw the action of the upper light upon himself through a certain society, environment, or a group.

Question: What is the function of people who exist in the vegetative state?

Answer: We exist in a single common desire. Therefore, apparently there is a necessity in such states as well.

Everything exists according to the correspondences of the light and desire. According to their movement in relation one to another such phenomena manifest in our world.

Had we advanced toward the goal in a more intense and correct way while transforming ourselves to be more connected among us, there is no doubt the general state of the light and its influence on everyone would be more powerful and benevolent and then we would not see such occurrences.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Why Are Diseases Necessary? 6/9/12

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The Secret of The Zohar

132Question: Is The Book of Zohar closer to us in understanding because it was written at the verge of the exile from spiritual attainment?

Answer: Any texts of The Book of Zohar are closer to us than other holy books. The holy books mean books written by the Kabbalists from the attainment of the upper spheres but in different keys, in different forms.

The Zohar is written in a style that has the brightest and strongest effect on us because everything is contained in its words, in their form, combination, and intention.

They operate in the same key, in the same stream, they are on the same line with the system of our internal structure, with our world, with the forces of the upper world. That is, the letters are a graphic representation of the combination of upper forces at all their levels up to the highest, that is, up to the level of GAR de Bina of the world of Atzilut.

But there is no miracle in this! There is only one way for the upper energy to influence us, which will transform us. Other sources cannot influence us so much because they are not written with such symbols. They do not depict the same qualities.

If you copy The Book of Zohar in another language, this will still distort it for you. It must be written either in Aramaic or in Hebrew, in Biblical Hebrew. Both languages complement each other. These are related languages that go back to Adam.

Adam is a man who lived in our world 5,782 years ago. He was the first to reveal this upper sphere, these letters, and began to describe the upper worlds with them.

From there, all knowledge came to us through 20 generations who have attained the upper worlds, from Adam to Abraham, and then from Abraham to us. This is all described in the Torah (in the Bible).

So, it all goes back to Adam, the spiritual source of all created beings, that is, not to our corporeal forefather, who allegedly gave birth to humanity together with Eve, but to our spiritual father Adam.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Secret of the Zohar” 1/9/11

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The Revival of Hebrew

549.01Question: Why is Hebrew used as a spoken language now?

Answer: It is because the Kabbalistic group that left Babylon with Abraham and organized a separate existence for itself according to spiritual laws took this language as their main language.

Aramaic was also used in Babylon. Aramaic and Hebrew are the source of all other languages. This is confirmed by many scientific studies.

The group of Abraham existed for 3,500 years before the collapse of the state of Israel that occurred 2,000 years ago, and they used this language as their own because they were in spiritual attainment.

The Jews wrote in this language about their spiritual attainments. The Bible, the Prophets, the Holy Scriptures, the Talmud, and the Mishnah are written in this language.

While in exile the Jews did not use Hebrew in everyday life, they only taught the Torah in it because they had fallen from the spiritual degree. Now we are reviving this language because we want to rise to the spiritual degree.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Uniqueness of Hebrew” 1/9/11

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The Correct Contact of Teacher and Student

165Comment: You said that it is easy, in principle, to perceive the teacher’s words correctly if you include yourself in his desires, in the desires of the upper one.

My Response: If I do this in order to achieve something spiritual, then it develops me.

And if I do this because of coercion (fear of punishment) or because I need some kind of reward, like a soldier in the army who either wants to be a general or is forced to serve, then what do I get from this?

It is very important before whom I annul myself, for the sake of what I do it, what goal my teacher or the upper one pursues, and what goal I pursue.

This contact is reasonable, pre-established, voluntary, constantly renewed, and is maintained under the analysis of both. Such a contact is necessary, but it is not at all easy to create. To do this the student and the teacher must understand each other.

They should be like two individuals who are aware of each other’s states.

There is a clear agreement between them; we enter into such contact when the teacher wants to pass on to the student what he has and the student agrees to accept it and asks the teacher to give it to him.

They agree to certain types of relationships when they have to be unpleasant to each other, put pressure on each other, and somehow overcome the mutual remoteness. The student will begin to feel antipathy, even disgust toward the teacher, and the teacher must understand this and help the student adapt to a new connection at a new level. That is, they move forward to work on the process of including the student into the teacher, to change the nature of the student, and to mold him into something completely new.

And the student agrees to this. He goes to this operation for his own transformation on his own accord.

He passes himself into the hands of the teacher who then begins to sculpt from him something completely new. In this way the student goes through all the stages of transformation where he completely changes his past nature along the way. This requires very serious mutual work.

If it is done in a group and the students support each other, it is much easier. And if they do not think about it and do not support each other, then they do not have the opportunity to do it.

I hope that we will have such an opportunity.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Student and Teacher – the right contact” 12/1/12

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If You Do Not Join the Group

232.05Comment: When an individual begins to study Kabbalah, as a rule he ceases to perceive the things that exist in the corporeal world. It is as if he cuts himself off and does not want to be connected with this world. It seems that he discovered something new for himself, but the result is the opposite.

My Response: As a result, greater egoism begins to manifest in a person since he must rise to the next degree.

But he is against it, does not work on the increased egoism, and remains in it. Therefore, the corporeal world begins to attract him more and more, and again he delves into a new egoism.

All sorts of past hobbies, fulfillments, pleasures, and achievements suddenly seem even more pleasant than before to him. Previously he refused them, but now he reaches out to them again because egoism in him rose on purpose so that he would rise above it! But he does not do this, and he remains in it.

Question: Does everyone go through this?

Answer: Of course! Usually 90% of people who study Kabbalah do not pass this stage, and they go back to this life and increased egoism. They added a little bit of egoism to themselves from practicing Kabbalah, could not rise above it, and went back to worldly affairs: some paint pictures, some conduct business, and others do something else.

But if a person was seriously integrated into the group, he would rise above the ego and move on. It is based on this fork, on these scissors, that he goes down.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What to Expect from Kabbalah?” 12/22/12

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New Life 224 – Social Skills

New Life 224 – Social Skills
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Children need to be taught how to approach life, connect with others, and belong within society. Parents need to pay attention to the environment in which their child is influenced. They need to explain their thoughts about the behavior of the child’s friends and why it is harmful or useful. Parents need to instill their values within their children by sharing without pressure.
From KabTV’s “New Life 224 – Social Skills,” 8/25/13
This summary was written and edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

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“What are some tips for managing stress and anxiety?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What are some tips for managing stress and anxiety?

We can overcome stress and anxiety by developing more and more positive connection, friendship and closeness to each other. Otherwise, these and other negative sensations will increasingly disturb us.

If we create small societies in which we develop connections of mutual consideration and support, then we can get rid of fears, illnesses, insomnia and absolutely everything that imposes the stress and anxiety of life upon us.

The more we experience negative sensations like stress and anxiety, the closer we come to understand the need for friendship, cooperation, mutual support and care. Likewise, we will reach the understanding of the need to create societies that will emphasize such values. Otherwise, we will continue developing by accumulating more and more negative sensations over a very long period of time until we eventually wake up to the need for the aforementioned values.

Based on KabTV’s “Blitz of Questions and Answers” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on January 6, 2023. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.