If You Do Not Join the Group

232.05Comment: When an individual begins to study Kabbalah, as a rule he ceases to perceive the things that exist in the corporeal world. It is as if he cuts himself off and does not want to be connected with this world. It seems that he discovered something new for himself, but the result is the opposite.

My Response: As a result, greater egoism begins to manifest in a person since he must rise to the next degree.

But he is against it, does not work on the increased egoism, and remains in it. Therefore, the corporeal world begins to attract him more and more, and again he delves into a new egoism.

All sorts of past hobbies, fulfillments, pleasures, and achievements suddenly seem even more pleasant than before to him. Previously he refused them, but now he reaches out to them again because egoism in him rose on purpose so that he would rise above it! But he does not do this, and he remains in it.

Question: Does everyone go through this?

Answer: Of course! Usually 90% of people who study Kabbalah do not pass this stage, and they go back to this life and increased egoism. They added a little bit of egoism to themselves from practicing Kabbalah, could not rise above it, and went back to worldly affairs: some paint pictures, some conduct business, and others do something else.

But if a person was seriously integrated into the group, he would rise above the ego and move on. It is based on this fork, on these scissors, that he goes down.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What to Expect from Kabbalah?” 12/22/12

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