Working With The Right Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to understand that I am found in the right line? How long can this feeling continue and at what moment does the rejection into the left side occur?

Answer: The expression of being found in the right line is a feeling of joy, happiness, security, spiritual elevation, and a mutual yearning for this. A feeling of good energy is the right line. It is impossible to cry and be thankful simultaneously.

Theoretically, we can advance in the right line only by constantly growing, extending, and expanding in connection with the friends, the group, bestowal, and love. But in practice, this is impossible. In spite of it all, we are not that strong.

In practice weakness, laziness, and so forth comes, we leave the right line and are thrown into the left. For the sake of the work, the ego enters, drawing us to the “left,” to comfort, relaxation, and letting go. We no longer want anything, we begin to criticize others and no longer want to work with the group, with the friends. It is apparently necessary to leave this state, but we don’t succeed in doing this.

What can one do? In a situation like this, the group needs to “shake and squeeze” us. It needs to declare: “You must leave this state!” It must agitate a friend in this manner to influence him with the power of persuasion and joy, with everything possible, just so he will not remain in a descent and will leave this critical state.

It is necessary to understand that if a person falls, his departure and descent from this fall depends on the group. The group must try to help him at least twice. If the group works on the friend for a particular time and there is no result, then it is necessary to let him rest; after a number of days the group can seriously begin to take care of him again. If they don’t succeed again, only then are they allowed to let him go, but he can also remain.

Question: Will there be a time when we become so strong that we can all advance together in the “right line”?

Answer: To advance together in the right line is our goal. It is necessary to work on this. For when we are found in the right line we attract the Light, the power of bestowal, maximally, we constantly thank the Creator and we are welcomed by Him. But this is only on the condition that there is serious cooperative work, because in general we become weaker in these states, we begin to enjoy our sensations, and this is liable to lead to a descent.

When we are found in the right line, we need to say to ourselves we are enjoying the friends and in this way, we are giving pleasure and delight to the Creator. If I hold on to my yearning for the Creator through the friends, then I will not fall.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk Day One 6/14/13, Lesson 2

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