There Is Wisdom Hidden Behind The Simplicity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur entire soul is built of concealmentfrom the fact that we conceal our will to enjoy in all kinds of ways. The first concealment is a simple concealment. But then I begin to research what I restrict, in which desire I make myself modest, and what I want from myself.

My entire reception can only be for the sake of bestowal, meaning that I build four levels of concealment: concealment upon concealment upon concealment…. And that is how I attain greater importance of the Creator.

But we will never be able to understand His true height this way (or maybe in the new reality, after the end of correction). After all, for now it is entirely composed of what we are able to perceive inside of the concealments we have built.

We cannot value anything that becomes revealed to us clearly, but only by concealing it from ourselves. When a person becomes revealed to us and we start receiving from him openly, we stop respecting him because I now have everything he has. He became revealed to me and treats me simply, and I also treat him simply.

All value is born from concealment. But in spirituality, we do not play “political games,” but reveal ourselves. Precisely others have to make a concealment on themselves in order to attain us.

For example, a teacher in relation to a student opens himself up and comes closer to him. But the student has to make a concealment on him by himself because that is the only way he will be able to receive something from him. Otherwise the teacher will seem simple to him and he won’t be able to absorb his wisdom.

This is why Kabbalists have always carried themselves very simply, while the student’s responsibility is to make a concealment on that.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/11, Shamati

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  1. Wow. This is brilliant! I see this pattern over and over and over. Especially in the material world I live in. It use to really annoy me that people were “shallow” like this. I would open up and share things with them for the sake of them having a better life if something I had or knew about could help them as well. Instead, people would think that now that they had what I had, they didn’t have to respect me or the competition was over. I use to help them so there wasn’t any competition between us. Instead, they would just look for the next thing to take from someone else. Instead of looking at the “deeper” meaning of the exchange between us that I was giving to them and receiving their desires and wanting to fullfill them in some way, etc. It’s a problem that people are like this. Eventually, they learn the hard way, going off to exploit someone else or suffering because they cannot have what they want and then they learn. The message doesn’t get absorbed until later when they regret their actions. I hope I never look at my teachers as simple then! Otherwise, I won’t get my wisdom and will miss out. Great example!

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