In Order To Rise And Connect

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When people interact in an integral group, they suddenly experience powerful emotions, strong feelings, sometimes positive and sometimes negative, but suppressing these emotions does not do anything.

Answer: Of course not. This is why the main thing is for people to express their creative abilities, how they build their unity. First of all, we must not fully reject our egoism, but create unity above it. We must use egoism as a starting point and foundation, instead of just soaring up in the sky. It is necessary to understand that the level of unity is based on rising above the egoism, on turning this egoism into an inverted imprint.

In other words, our spiritual image—the collective image of Adam, our inner spirit that separates us from animals—is made through an imprint of our individual egoistic desires above which we rise and combine ourselves. This requires everyone’s individual work because one must turn himself into an inverted, altruistic imprint of a patrix into a matrix, of a negative into a positive, like a stamp, like its image.

Then, every one of us rises above egoism in its opposite form, the form of bestowal, the form of connection, in other words, instead of individualism, integrality, instead of only desiring to receive for yourself at the expense of others, ascent and investment into something common, whole. When we work this way, then, by rising above our egoism, we begin to understand what this new system consists of.

It is the opposite. It is like anti-matter. It consists of something that does not exist in this world. Let us become this!

This is the discussion of our special anti-image. However, it is not just opposite to each one of us, but when every one of us turns himself into the opposite of himself. At the same time, he starts combining himself with the others. He seems to lose his individuality through acquiring a common one, and, this way, he begins to perceive a single nature: its integral.

These are the kind of articles and materials that should be discussed in the groups of integral learning. They will take people to the next level when, on one hand, my individual work is necessary in order to rise, but on the other hand, my individual work together with everyone else’s work is necessary in order to connect.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/2/12

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