About Suffering, Great And Small

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our dissemination is like a medication for a disease. But pills are usually bitter, and if a person doesn’t feel that he is ill, he won’t take them. Can we disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah like a sweet liquid medicine?

Answer: If people don’t suffer at all, you have to give them something sweet for egoism, and this is impossible. It’s because then they will perceive your message in the religious light: “Add a little and you will earn for yourself the world to come. Everything is good with you even now, but if you exert a bit, it will simply be terrific…..” Such promises have been developed by religions and they are suitable for addressing everybody—such a pleasant, sweet additive.

However, we talk about corrections, and they are possible only out of the recognition of evil. After all, their meaning is that I’m corrupted and have to correct myself. How can we make it clear for people? Actually, we don’t realize that today only the smallest flaws are being revealed in humanity. In comparison to spirituality, they are simply meager. It’s because we are at the lowest, most filthy step of the ladder, in this world. There are 125 such steps in total, and they lead us to the world of Infinity (∞).

The particularity of our degree is that suffering here is imaginary, like the entire world. In truth, this is not suffering, but little “bites,” although they seem to us like tremendous problems that often determine our life and death. All of them are tiny in comparison to what happens in the five spiritual worlds. Big desires and great suffering lie there in particular. The negativity (-) is huge there as is pain related to it. An now we are receiving “injections,” which make up all the suffering of this world.

About Suffering, Great and Small

The aim is for us to acquire a screen and enter the spiritual world where we will be able to endure spiritual deficiencies and problems that are a million times greater than what is happening here. There we will be able to evaluate them in the Reflected Light, in the restriction, in rejection, feeling them in front of us and not inside.

The spiritual vessels and unfilled desires are hideously big, and it’s impossible to endure them. And for this reason, I hold them before me, feel them in “rejection,” evaluate them in my mind and feeling from a distance. Then I’m able to recognize the greatness of this suffering brought about by my irresponsibility, helplessness, and guilt before the entire world. And this allows me to transition from the left line to the right one.

Possibly, this will help you understand why we need the vessels of bestowal at all. The fact is that it’s simply impossible to go through such degrees, such fluctuations of negativity and positivity in the vessels of reception. It’s far beyond our ideas about life and death. This is darkness that can be managed only if I learn to distance myself from it and acquire a screen, bestowal, love. Only then will I be able to endure it and to transform it from evil into goodness.

Each of us has to feel responsibility much greater than that at home or in general, in one’s personal life. Only then will a person advance along the spiritual path. A person has to realize correctly his current state in particular. Bestowal begins now: Although in his egoistic desire, a person feels no harm to oneself, nevertheless, he must feel it in the bestowing desire. Let him work on it, let him care about it, let him implement it artificially, putting in all the effort. Whoever doesn’t do it creates a problem for themselves and also for all of us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2012, “A Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress” 

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