The Exclusivity of Ideal People

229Question: How do you see humanity, which is divided by genetics into a caste of improved ideal people and those who stayed the old-fashioned way? Will there be any problems? After all, Kabbalah also says that in the society of the future there will be ideal people who are similar to the Creator, and people who are deprived of such an opportunity. Is that not elitist?

Answer: The fact is that people who will be similar to the Creator will be engaged in educating and providing for those people who have not yet become similar to the Creator up to the moment when all people will move from the current egoistic state to the right, corrected, altruistic state.

Question: Is this the exclusivity of these ideal people?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Does it mean that there will be no racism here?

Answer: No, it cannot come from them.

Question: Will there be no advantages of some over others?

Answer: The advantage will be only in that they will take the reins of governance into their hands and will be able to show, prove, and train all the others who are still uncorrected what they need to become.

Question: What should we become?

Answer: Love thy neighbor as thyself. This was said several thousand years ago.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/20/23

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