A 10-Cylinder Engine

528.01The revelation of the Creator comes from the lowest state, from the dust, as it is said: “From dust you are and unto dust you shall return.” We are falling into a state of dust all the time, losing all interest in spiritual desires and tastes. And from this dust, we must rise: “They Helped Every One His Friend.”

A man by himself cannot rise from the descent but only if others set an example and awaken him. Then it will be a correct ascent and not because of egoism. A friend helps me rise, and I help a friend, that is, I work in a group, and forces of connection work here. Only then will it be a spiritual action.

If a person has fallen into the state of dust, then he himself has no strength. The only hope is the ten. I will never be able to find the strength in me to move. The ego is trying to deceive me: “Try, and you will succeed!” But this only works in our world and not in the spiritual world. I can only rise there with the strength of the group: “They Helped Every One His Friend.” Otherwise, it will not be an ascent but self-deception.

I am at the bottom, my friends are at the top, and so we lift each other up like mountain climbers tied together with a rope.

I annul myself before the ten, try to feel less than everyone else, and due to this, I get strength from it. And then with these powers received from my friends, I do the reverse action and help them.

By annulling myself in front of the group, I receive from it a higher power that acts on me and awakens me. I was lower than everyone else, but now with the power received from the group, I influence everyone else, that is, I become like the Creator for them. First I received it from my friends as Malchut, and now I give to them as Keter. So I am working like a piston engine: Malchut – Keter, Keter – Malchut.

Everyone should be both the smallest and the greatest in the ten. If each one in the ten works like this, then we will have an engine with ten cylinders—imagine, what a power! All the pistons together pump up our total volume until the measure overflows and the Creator is revealed inside.

On the first stroke of the piston, I sink into the ten and draw from it the desires of my friends, and on the second stroke, I raise these desires to the Creator. This ascent is called MAN because I ask for everyone, and I receive power from above. And with this power, I go down and pass it on to my friends, get a new desire from them again and raise it as a prayer, MAN.

So I go up and down all the time: MAN – MAD. And so does everyone in the group, all of our ten cylinders. I connect to their desire and I want to raise my friends and bring them closer to the Creator. And from the Creator, I receive a gift of strength, fulfillment, and revelation, and pass it on to my friends. I work as a transmission channel in both directions as I want to raise the whole group to the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/20, “Work With Faith Above Reason”

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