Spiritual Growth Is Impossible Without Joy

243.04We are in the world of infinity, full of light, which fills the entire universe. But we feel this world as empty, that gives us nothing but a tiny spark of life so that we can somehow exist. Therefore, we do not value this world. Everything in it is hidden, but we need to reveal it.

Concealment and disclosure depend only on us and no one else. I just have to convince myself that I already exist in the world of infinity, in the ocean of infinite light, infinite fulfillment, and I have no shortage of anything. The only thing that I am lacking is my correct attitude. If I relate to the world this way, I will find that it is all there.

This means that I rise to faith above reason thanks to a sense of joy, unity, and mutual support. This is how we discover the world of absolute goodness and see that nothing has really changed except our perception.

Previously, I saw the whole world as black because I judged it according to my shortcomings. And when I correct my attitude to the world, rise to faith above reason, and want to see a good world full of the upper light, the Creator, I see that this is what it really is.

And this is not a psychological suggestion or self-deception but a true reality. I only need to raise myself from the degree of Malchut to the degree of Bina in order to see the world in the quality of bestowal and not receiving.

Then the world will be good, and I will see that everything is fine in it and there is no evil. It is simply that everyone judges to the extent of their own corruption: if there is evil inside me, then I see evil around me. And if I correct myself, I see the world corrected. It all depends on my inner view.

And the most correct attitude is to be in joy. And therefore, it is written: “Serve the Creator with joy.” If we relate to the Creator and the world created by Him with joy, with gratitude, without criticizing the Creator, we will feel that the world is really good. This means that we want to rise from the degree of Malchut to the degree of Bina, to faith (the degree of Bina) above reason (the degree of Malchut).

The Creator treats me well, but it seems to me that I receive blows because instead of being in faith, the power of bestowal, I am in reception. It is I who corrupts His attitude toward me. Therefore, I must make every effort to reveal the goodness of the Creator. After all, there can be no evil in the world if there is no other force than the Creator, who is good and does good.

If it seems to me that there is evil in the world, it is because I am corrupted inside. There is nothing else to fix except my attitude to reality. And then I will see that there is no evil—there is only good.
From the Lesson for Women 11/1/20

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