Eye-To-Eye No Need For Words

294.2Comment: Humanity is divided into those who wear masks and those who do not. We are interested in those who wear masks.

Psychologists say that if a newborn child grows up and sees mother and father in masks all the time (i.e., the lower part of their faces are covered all the time, and the child hears sounds, does not see the lips, and sees only the eyes), then he may develop abilities that are still unknown to humanity.

My Response: Yes. He will have to make up for what he does not see in his mother and father. However, this is not normal because this is not in our nature. Our nature is when mother kisses, mother hugs, mother whispers, and the child grabs mother’s lips and mouth.

Question: Does something change in the mother and father when they cover part of their face and communicate with the child?

Answer: Of course. To be unable to touch the baby with your lips! Lips are everything. Lips are the most important part of the mother. This is the organ of communication where sounds and warmth come from.

Question: Are we now depriving the child of this warmth?

Answer: Of course. What can we do if we are such egoists, if we pass on the egoism gene to each other?

Question: But mother should not take off her mask yet?

Answer: Obviously. After all, a mother is in contact with many other people, and therefore can bring anything to her child.

Comment: Psychologists say that anxiety and fatigue in society is also caused by restriction in communication since masks cover most of the face and we do not see others smiling.

My Response: This is also true. But it serves you right, since you oppose each other so much. It is right that you see half a face that does not express anything.

It was a false smile, and therefore it disappeared. The coronavirus took it away. Now, if you want to see another person’s face, you have to see the correct face that matches their correct intention. If you do this, you will receive faces without masks.

Question: Will the smile come back when we begin smiling to each other internally?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Comment: Psychologists say that we were ready for word-of-mouth communication and not ready for eye-to-eye communication, not ready for this reality.

My Response: That’s right. It is because our mouths speak such nonsense, such lies! Look at all these politicians, at anyone at all. Better to be silent and close their mouths. And the eyes may be harder to hide. Eyes are connected to deeper layers of the soul.

Question: What is “eye-to-eye?” What can one hide here?

Answer: This is a deeper contact.

Question: What qualities will develop in us after wearing masks? What do you think?

Answer: We will become more sensitive to each other. We will start looking at each other more closely. We will start talking less. We will begin to give more importance to words, to actions, to the fact that we are allowed to be in contact with each other.

Question: Will our every word be thought over?

Answer: Yes!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/2/20

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