Do No Harm To Each Other

laitman_263Question: We know that all actions are performed by the Creator, and this can be seen in the example of the coronavirus. To change and build new correct relationships, do we only need to want this internally?

Answer: No, that is not enough. To build the correct desire to reveal the virus, that is, to see our mistakes in communicating with each other, that is not enough.

We must also understand how to be interrelated, how to connect with each other. We should correctly calculate our communication, our connection, in accordance with our egoistic and altruistic desires, so that we do not harm each other in any way.

When we separate so that we do not just sit at home, do not get closer than two meters from each other, do not harm each other, and we understand that we must correctly interact with each other in our intentions, then we will be able to communicate again and build our relations on a new level.

I cannot say when it will happen, but I do not think it will be soon. Months, at least, should pass before humanity realizes the meaning of this virus. Today we can say that for the first time in the history of humanity, one force is acting on it, causing the same effect, and this says a lot.

In particular, we have come to an integral world and nature relates to us as to one, single, bad organism existing within it. Therefore, it breaks us and will crush us more and more severely if we do not obey its integral system.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/5/20

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