How To Turn Dust Into Diamonds

laitman_290At each level, a person goes through an unpleasant state, feels as if in the dust, in darkness, spirituality loses its taste and ceases to shine. It seems to him that the Creator has moved away from him. But in fact, this is an invitation for advancement.

Precisely in such a gray, foggy, senseless state, I must develop the right attitude. Forces of nature now do not tempt me with light, but present me with a twilight state: neither darkness nor light, but some kind of grayness. But exactly in this state, I have the opportunity to attract the Creator, engage in the power of bestowal, and advance.

Most of the states a person goes through are gray: neither light nor dark. And one must be very sensitive to these states in order to awaken  the need for spiritual work in oneself, the importance of the Creator, the sensation and revelation of an upper force.

When there is no taste but only the taste of dust, this is a sign that I have the opportunity to begin to rise from this indifference and perform a lot of spiritual work.

Dust is like sand, and if we connect these grains of sand, compress them together under great pressure, we get a diamond. That is the whole difference between dust and diamonds: the cheapest thing and the most expensive one. This is the way cheap stuff turns into a jewel—only thanks to our pressure and the effort to connect.

Each step begins with the state of dust, and if I do not abandon it, but take it correctly in all seriousness, then I can rise from the dust to great heights and make a diamond out of the sand.

In the material world, that is, in our egoism, this state is felt as dust; but in spirituality, that is, in bestowal, according to the Creator, this is the most important state. In the eyes of the Creator, these are diamonds, but in my eyes, in my desire to enjoy, it is seen as simple dust.

Therefore, I must ask my friends to help me exit my egoism toward bestowal and from this state to build my spiritual state.

Try to be more within your friends than within yourself, and you will feel how you are rising from the dust. Pray, ask, cry, and just don’t expect that the state will change by itself. Sand will not turn into diamonds on its own.

The strong pressure with which I make a diamond out of sand is my unwillingness to accept my gray state as worthless. Egoism feels that there is no importance in this state, like in dust. I feel that I have fallen and lie on the ground, but I do not agree with this feeling because my desire to enjoy is depicting this reality for me.

It is good that our egoism now feels itself in the dust, but I want to raise my desire for bestowal, the point aspiring toward the Creator, upward from the dust. And this is called faith above reason.

And then I feel that it is from this dust, from the desire to get out of it, and by the applying pressure to it, I turn it into the most precious state as if I were making diamonds out of sand. The material remains the same, it is only the measure of its compression that turns it into the greatest jewel.

The feeling of spirituality in our egoistic desires is called dust, and the feeling of spirituality in the desire to bestow is called a diamond.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/20, “Concerning Above Reason”

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