Hebrew Is A Multi Layered Code

526Hebrew is the language of the spiritual worlds, of the spiritual forces that manage our world. Hebrew is a multi layered code. It can be a representation of certain forces and their compatibility with each other, it can be a representation of intonations in the language, an emotional code, or an emotional record.

In addition, in Hebrew there is TANTA: Taamim (flavors), Nekudot (points), Tagin (crowns), Otiot (letters), and each of these components is seemingly a door to an enormous world.

For example, when we enter the world of sounds through Taamim, it opens through the five parts of the mouth, the five parts of the lungs: dental, palatal, guttural, labial, and lingual letters.

And all this must be written down.

In principle, if you do not know what “man” is and you are given the correct letter image, then you can use it to sculpt him from atoms.

Question: Suppose a musician looks at musical notes, he sings them internally and the music is playing inside him. And what does a person who looks at letters and words in Hebrew feel internally?

Answer: Divine revelation is felt. If man can reproduce inside what he sees even in a written text, and he penetrates inside through each symbol, then a new creation is revealed to him in a new way from each angle. He sees the integration of worlds.

Question: Why do you call Hebrew a universal language and not Jewish?

Answer: Because it is about forces that impact our world and arrange it. Their mutual combination must be somehow expressed, reproduced, and conveyed. This is the reason for the multilayered writing: horizontal and vertical lines, dots and connections.

It is similar to how children are taught. But in fact, it is much more complicated internally. For example, what does a dot mean? It is a manifestation of the property of reception in the infinite light of the Creator, the attribute of bestowal.

The horizontal line from left to right or from right to left symbolizes the light of Hassadim. The vertical line from top down or from the bottom up symbolizes the light of Hochma. Each letter symbolizes a specific world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/6/19

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