Spiritual Harmony Of The Hebrew Language

Laitman_151Knowledge of Hebrew is very important in studying Kabbalah. It is unlike the sciences of this world, for example physics, which can be learned in any language. Kabbalistic terms in Hebrew directly correspond to spiritual vessels, lights, and actions.

While reading the Kabbalistic text, we do not just read words, but go from desire to desire, revealing the Creator through the change of letters and their sequence.

Each letter is a spiritual symbol, and each word is a matrix. It is like a special secret code, an encryption. Each word, letter, order of words, and the root of each word come from the relationship of lights and desires. The Hebrew language was created on this foundation. It is the only language that has arisen not for corporeal use, but has descended from Above to define relationships between lights and desires.

Therefore, knowledge of Hebrew helps us penetrate deeper into the connection of light and desire, to feel its taste and understand why it is exactly the way it is. We can feel the harmony embedded in the Hebrew language and the internal interconnection of the forces of nature that are expressed through its letters.

When translating Kabbalistic text to English or to any other language, the essence of the explanation that is included in the word itself is lost. Translation gives a more external understanding of the action, whereas the Hebrew word expresses the inner meaning of the desires, their connection between each other and with the light, and the form of filling.

In addition to letters in Hebrew there are vocalization points, crowns over letters—TANTA (Ta’amim-Nekudot-Tagin-Otiot – tastes-points-crowns-letters)—which show how these properties begin to unfold.

There are 22 letters in Hebrew: nine from Bina, nine from Zeir Anpin, and four from Malchut, and five more letters at the end of words, that is, the symbols standing on the Parsa. The exit of the light builds points (vocalizations) that disappear. Vowels are almost never used, they are just implied.

Letters, points, crowns over the letters are all very important. They can reveal the entire wisdom. If we knew the inner meaning of the words and of the order of words and letters—all this is the entire revelation of the Creator to the created beings.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/14/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Giving of the Torah – 1”

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