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How To Get Out Of Misery

622.01Question: How not to pass suffering on to others? Should suffering be hidden?

Answer: I think that it is advisable not to convey negative feelings to people. To do so because it makes it easier for you is super-egoism. Therefore, we must try, on the contrary, to play in front of people and put on a “good face”.

Question: Is it despite the fact that you are suffering and feel bad yourself?

Answer: Yes. Then you will get out of it quickly because when you show others that you are in a good mood, you will enter it yourself.

Question: Do you kind of get out of your suffering and enter a good mood in order to convey it to others? This in fact is high aerobatics. What about a Kabbalist when he suffers?

Answer: A Kabbalist, suffering, laughs at himself. Really laughs at himself. Because there is no reason for suffering at all! Except for our petty selfishness.

Therefore, if you laugh at it, you can quickly get out of it. I saw it on my teacher. This is, of course, an excellent example of how a person can rise above suffering.

Question: But is the suffering itself felt at this moment?

Answer: Of course. This he cannot remove. He can only try to rise above it. In principle, according to Kabbalah, it is forbidden to destroy suffering, eradicate it, or erase its source, but it is necessary to rise above it.

Question: So there is both suffering and my rise above it?

Answer: Yes. Then, in the difference between them, you begin to feel the greatness of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/18/20

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Nine Important Rules In Life

571.04Remark: People have developed several universal rules of society. Do they stem from the Kabbalistic point of view, and do we need to adjust ourselves and follow them?

The first rule is: “Try to fill your life and the lives of your loved ones with love. This way you will attract favorable circumstances and prosperity. However, displaying aggression in any form will manifest itself in a constant deterioration in the quality of life and in failure in general.”

My Reply: This is partly true. However, it is better to say: show love to others throughout your life and not just to your loved ones. Then your life will be filled with a completely new, upper meaning.

Remark: “There is absolutely nothing random in life. With your thoughts, words, actions, and deeds you shape your current reality and your future.”

My Reply: This is correct. But only if we understand how to do the right thing. Otherwise, we may think that we are doing the right thing, and life all of the sudden trips us up.

Doing the right thing means to move clearly toward the purpose of creation, not as we want or think, but in the way that it actually corresponds to the program of nature.

Remark: The next rule is related to the previous one: “Our thoughts shape the events and reality of each of us. Learn to think positively and you will create a reality that will please you. And vice versa: rage, anger, hatred, envy, and pride attract failures and bad luck.”

My Reply: I cannot create my life in my fantasies. I have to do this by properly adhering with others, in the correct connection with others: I with them and they with me. If I create my life out of this good connection, then it will really be good.

Question: Many people believe in God. Nowadays even atheists are coming to the conclusion that there is something that controls us. Can a person be connected with the upper universe? How can we connect correctly?

Answer: There is no individual who controls us. God does not exist.

There is a single law of nature, which we must obey. Then we will begin to attain it, and through good connection with it, we will really become masters of our own destiny. We will become Gods provided that we are completely similar to this upper force, the quality of bestowal and love.

Remark: Another rule: “No matter how serious your offenses are, the universe still loves each one of you. Remember, however, that it is giving us what we need at this very moment, which is known only to it.”

My Reply: Yes, that is correct. You can say so.

Remark: One of the main universal laws is the law of equivalence of form. If you do not love yourself, then others will not love you or will neglect you.

My Reply: I need to love others and only others. Only for their sake and only for them. This is the only correct rule.

Question: Where can I find an example of this?

Answer: In the fact that now you love yourself egoistically. Imagine that you have to switch over and love others in the same way.

Remark: “There is absolutely everything inside a person: power, fame, honor, money, and beauty. The task is to release all the abundance into the reality around you.”

Answer: Indeed, if a person gives everything he has to others, he will be the happiest, the wisest, the most corrected, and everything will be good for him.

Question: What does it mean “to give everything he has to others?”

Answer: He will be bringing them to the most comfortable, the best, the most perfect state, not to what they want, but to what actually exists at the top of nature. Just like a mother who wants to educate a child: she does not do everything the child wants, but does the best possible for him so that he reaches the most perfect state.

Remark: “Do not classify people around you into good and bad.” Is there a correct criterion by which people can be evaluated?

My Reply: Of course. A person who does everything for the benefit of society is good and vice versa.

Remark: “For the universe, there are no such concepts as guilt, punishment, and so on. It is important not to ask “What do I need all this for?” But, “Why do I need all this?”

My Reply: This is correct.

Question: Does the universe have such concepts as guilt or punishment?

Answer: Improvement. Correction. It is to lead a person to the need to be in complete bestowal to everyone.

Question: What is the most important rule of the universe?

Answer: Love.

Question: How can one learn to love?

Answer: You cannot learn that. You have to teach yourself. Constantly, in a group, in connection with your own kind, according to the method of Kabbalah. This is exactly the result of the correct implementation of the method of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/7/20

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Which People Will Be Valued?

632.3Question: In the recent past, a person was judged by his status, by his clothes, by his education, by how much money he had, whether he was a professor or not. How will people be judged in the new post-viral world? There is a lot of speculation. What do you think?

Answer: I think people will be different as a result of the coronavirus. They will learn to see through matter and not pay attention to what a person is wearing, what kind of pen sticks out in his pocket, or what watch he is wearing. They won’t even look at the fact that he might be a big professor or something. They will look at what use he has as a person, what he can give that society needs.

A person benefits society by explaining to it how it is possible to make further progress in connection. And then it will be really clear what benefits he brings.

He will see that otherwise we will not live, otherwise we will not pull out, and otherwise we will not be able to survive. This should be clear. And the person who shows this demonstrates to the whole society that it needs him. And, in accordance with this, society will appreciate him.

People who really have such a special quality to gather a society and bring its members closer to each other should be visible so that others can listen to them.

Question: Will others be jealous of them?

Answer: They will learn and will be envious. Envy is a very good thing. It is clear that this is not black envy. Because it comes from noble deeds, from bringing people closer together, when they want to learn and be like such people.

Question: So you have an optimistic view of the future of people? Their connection will be valued.

Answer: I think we will suffer great losses, diseases, and deaths. There will be a lot of problems, but humanity will adapt quickly. Now I have such hope. Subconsciously, the process is already underway. There will be no return. And it will be very bad if we start returning forcefully.

Question: You say that we should slowly distinguish people who work for society, for connection. And it will work in a person? If we start talking about givers all the time, will it work?

Answer: Humanity will no longer have any insignia. And this will inevitably remain. When society talks about it, it will affect all individuals.

Everyone will point out only those people who are engaged in consolidating society, developing it, and attracting more and more new people to unite. And that’s how we will go forward.

I think that humanity will go a good way, not through destruction and war.

The person giving, the person uniting, the person explaining, the person leading, pushing will be appreciated. And in the end, we will quickly find ourselves in the right world.

Question: Pushing exclusively to unity?

Answer: Only to unity! Nothing more is needed. The Creator, the upper force, the one force of nature, cannot be dressed in something limited, concrete. It must have an absolute substrate under it and be revealed in it.

Question: Is the absolute substrate a single humanity?

Answer: Yes. One soul.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/13/20

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Either We Stop Destroying Nature Or The Virus Will “Help Us”

738Question: When people in China came out of lockdown from their rooms and apartments and seemingly were freed a little from the virus, a huge Hermes store opened there. They brought beautiful handbags covered with diamonds, a lot of leather goods, and people started buying. In one day, it made about $2.7 million.

You are saying that person’s way of thinking will change, they will start thinking differently, but a person does not seem to change much. How will this happen?

Answer: A person does not change, but I think that the virus is aimed at preventing us from making money from unnecessary actions. The virus is a consequence of our egoistic attitude to nature, and it will force us to do only what is necessary and sufficient. No more than that. Let’s wait and see.

I do not think there will be a complete return to the past. We have entered such a state with nature where it can no longer tolerate us. Look how the fish jump out of the water. Animals come and seek freedom.

This shows us to what extent we are an alien organism in nature, how we cannot, simply cannot, be an integral element of nature.

Comment: Of course, we took the places where animals once were.

My Response: If we were doing the right thing, nature would not feel this. The wolves would not rush into our parks again, the fish would not jump out of the water for joy that we are not there. I can hear the birds chirping! Everything is different! The air is so much better.

Question: Do you think that civilization, humanity, can harmoniously enter nature?

Answer: Of course. If only this were civilization and not barbarism! Today’s civilization are barbarians! The way it was a thousand, two thousand years ago. Therefore, we need to understand that we cannot continue in this way.

I am sure the virus will not leave us and more new modifications will come. I am sure it will be migrating in its different variations to many parts of the world. I am sure that against the background of suffering from the virus, against the background of fear, there will even be some kind of wars, changes in relations between countries. Especially for America and China I think there will be problems. This is on one hand. On the other hand, these problems will force the world to change.

Comment: Even Bill Gates agrees with you on many things. He says that this will continue for twenty years or more, the virus will not go away. He believes that we should be prepared for this. He has such a mindset. Only the conclusions are different. He says, “We must prepare for this.” That is, prepare injections, doctors. He has no conclusion considering, now let’s try to understand why the virus came.

Your conclusion is that we must change. Why does humanity not come to it?

My Response: It does not see a direct connection between our attitude to each other, to the world around us, to nature and viruses. It does not understand that the virus is a natural particle that we have forced to begin spreading and putting us in order.

Yet, it will change us. Through a long way, through suffering, we will still arrive at the result that we should reach, although we could have come to it through awareness. This is how it will be.

Question: How long will this last?

Answer: Until a person is completely corrected, when one becomes an absolutely clear and correct integral part of all nature, in spite of the huge egoism that exists in him.

Now we have the opportunity to return to nature in a correct way, at least partially. Do not switch on any manufacturing plants that we use to destroy the environment. Leave many people not engaged in unnecessary production that litters everything and produces unnecessary things, but engaged in studying and creating the right relationships among themselves.

This is a great positive force that nature lacks, which must come from a person. At the level of the animalistic world, it occurs by itself: animals act in the way nature dictates. A person, however, must be brought to the right interaction.

Then we will see the person’s impact on the surrounding nature. The Torah says that a little child will lead both wolves and sheep, and they will be friendly with each other. This means that people will participate in nature in such a correct way that the evil force will disappear altogether! The evil force in nature will disappear. In everything!

Today we have no idea what the world around us means. Now wolves appear, fish jump out of the water for the joy that there are no people. We left them for a month, hid in our “dens,” and they are so happy that we moved away from them.

Do you understand what we are doing with nature?! How much it hates us, cannot stand us! When you look at this, you are simply amazed, “Am I really so harmful, so evil?!”  Yes. “Do I really affect this environment so badly?!” I hope the virus will help us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/20/20

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The Method Of Fulfilling Desires

712.03Comment: Recently, a survey was conducted: “Do you believe that if you only wish something very strongly, it will come true?” Many responded, “Of course not.” Those who believe in the infinite power of the mind and of our consciousness claim. “Of course.” They say there is a method that helps them fulfill their desires: to call out to the universe to help them. They call this manifesting desires through visualization. The principle of visualization is the link between the unlimited force of our thoughts and the universe, which is ready to offer gifts to anyone who asks correctly.

My Response: Connecting to the universe is very helpful. It is more helpful than connecting to people. Connecting to the universe is helpful if you believe that it is your reflection. If you wish to impose yourself on it and you want to express yourself in it, which is possible, by doing so you totally annul yourself and merge with it.

Then a real merging with the world, with the universe, takes place, and a person feels that everything around him is one system in which he exists and which seemingly sustains him, and he can reflect himself on it.

He begins to perceive the whole universe, the whole creation, the whole world, exactly like himself. He feels that everything is him, that his whole internal world is not expressed through the whole universe, through the stars, through space, through the planets, but that everything is the expression of his internal attributes, and so he wants to feel all of them as one united, integral, eternal, whole, as the expression of his corrected self.

If a person adapts himself, and unites with the universe, he begins to feel the spirit that fills space, the state of the thought that is the whole universe, because the whole universe, the planets, space, the stars, are but a thought. This is the proof or the expression of the thought of creation with regard to us. If I try to identify with it, to connect to it, to unite with the whole universe, I begin to perceive its internal meaning, and then I can connect to it.

Comment: A person is seemingly made of a wrapping of problems, thoughts that he is clothed in.

My Response: This is the reason that we say that we need to do it in a special state, gradually. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how we need to undress in front the universe and gradually take off our egoistic clothing. We can attain that by training in a group, where a person puts others in his place, and is thus ready to identify with the whole universe. It is possible. In order to do so we actually need to work seriously and to exert ourselves with the friends.

We can reach the level in which we can penetrate the universe through mutual connection with people. As strange as it may seem, it is actually the principle of “love thy friend as thyself” that is the key to the revelation of the universe.

It is hard work, but interesting and exciting, fascinating and special. This is man’s work!
From KabTV’s “The News with Michael Laitman” 12/2/18

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When Hearts Sing

943Comment: They say that the most affordable cure for stress when things are bad is singing. Even better to sing in a choir. Italians and Spaniards go out on their balconies and sing.

Scientists say that when we sing, a large part of our brain is activated. The brain has a singing network of neurons that is distributed quite widely. This is a kind of aerobics, in which the body produces endorphins, hormones of joy. This reduces stress levels and improves mood.

My Response: Obviously.

Question: When I sing, is it as if I get emotionally and sensually out of myself and work for someone else?

Answer: For others, for everybody!

Question: Does it mean that the song has a deep, even spiritual meaning?

Answer: They sing together. If the song is choral, then of course, this is a completely different effect.

The choir connects everybody together into one common whole! If at the same time they chant something like Psalms, then there is a very strong impact.

We praise our commonality, our unity, and we want to appeal from within ourselves, from our common whole, to the upper force of nature, to the Creator, in order to contact Him. We are to Him, and He is to us.

In Italy, people tried to do this, and as a result, they have almost nothing.

Comment: First, we need to sort out ourselves in Israel.

My Response: We will not be able to sort out ourselves! Humanity will suffer, but we will suffer more.

Question: What if we would start singing?

Answer: If Israel starts singing together, in chorus, all of humanity will join,  and it will really be an appeal of all of humanity to the upper force. We will rise to the spiritual level, find ourselves in perfection, in health, in eternity.

Question: When you say, “Israel will sing in chorus,” what do you imply by that? What is Israel? Who is this?

Answer: They are just the people of Israel. All those who associate with us, and not necessarily of Jewish origin. If we sing, the whole world will immediately be cured, and absolutely and immediately from all the sicknesses, from all the problems, internal and external ones, and mainly psychological ones.

Question: You say, “We will sing.” What will we sing?

Answer: The heart sings! It sings that I want to unite with everyone and that together with everyone we turn to the Creator. Only with one thing: to help us be together with each other and with Him.

Question: Turning to the Creator, what do I say? What do I sing to Him with my heart?

Answer: To feel only the connection between me, humanity, and the Creator, nothing more.

Question: Do I feel that this is love, that this is bestowal?

Answer: Of course, this is love, this is bestowal, and this is like the feeling of a fetus in the mother’s womb.

Question: In other words, the fetus is singing a blessing for its mother?

Answer: Yes, of course. The best state. There is nothing better!”
From KabTV’s “The News with Michael Laitman” 7/6/20

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Fetus Saves The Mother

624.03Remark: The fetus in the mother’s womb, as a rule, is under her care, love, and constantly in this environment. However, genetic scientists have found that it not only grows in love, but it itself also loves.

Scientists say, “If the mother suddenly gets sick and something happens to her, some kind of hormone is developed in the fetus, which it sends to cure the mother.” There is such a process of love.

My Comment: If they care, if they depend on each other, then naturally there is feedback.

The fetus is always trying to do everything in its power to annul itself before the mother, and by this it helps her to control it. On the other hand, the mother and the fetus send signals to each other every minute about how much they are in mutual love, consent, support, and how much they need each other. All the time! This circulation of feelings between them gives strength to the development of the fetus.

Question: Does it mean that the mother is constantly being renewed and the fetus is growing? The renewal of a woman during pregnancy—is this mutual love, the energy that enters?

Answer: Yes. The fact is that the fetus gives her so much upper, spiritual forces that almost everything is renewed because of the spiritual structure in which she exists like the Creator in regards to the creation.

Question: Is the play of the fetus in the mother and the mother like the Creator and creation?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can we reach such a state when we are inside the Creator?

Answer: We have to do this!

Question: What is it to be inside the Creator?

Answer: To be inside the Creator means to feel not yourself, but Him. That is, I annul myself completely. In the fact that I annul myself, in every parameter of my annulment, I feel His attitude to me.

Question: When you say, “I annul myself,” does this mean that my thoughts, my actions, and my behavior are in Him? He leads and I kind of give myself to Him, “Lead me.”

Answer: Yes. Absolutely. I do not even check anything in any way, I completely annul myself in advance.

Question: Can a person reach such a state?

Answer: Everyone must do it. The coronavirus will help us in this.

Question: What does it lead us to now from this point of view?

Answer: To annulling ourselves. Only if I annul myself before society, and so each of us, then society can recover and not infect each other. Through this we will come.

Question: So, do I not dispute anything? I am told to stay at home—I stay at home, to wear masks—I wear a mask, and so on.

Answer: Moreover, I think that by doing this, I do not infect others. I follow all the instructions to avoid infecting others. I think about them.

Imagine doing that. See how much the world will change. This is a different intention.

Question: Does it mean that the main idea is that I do not infect others? Does this mean that you already are quietly within the Creator?

Answer: You are not yet part of Him, but you are no longer opposite to Him. It is like Hillel said, “Do not do unto others what is hateful to you.” Then “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is already the next stage.

Question: What in this case will be “Love your neighbor as yourself”?

Answer: Make sure that he is healthy. Imagine that you are healthy and he is sick, and you give him blood, everything he needs.

Question: Do you give him everything you have? Is this “love thy neighbor as yourself”? At this moment, do you not think about yourself at all?

Answer: In no way. Then you are cured and he is cured.

Question: Don’t I even ask for his smile or some kind of “thank you”?

Answer: What are you talking about?! This is already a reward!

Question: No reward at all?

Answer: No. Nothing.

Question: Can a person reach this point?

Answer: A person can reach this and be grateful that he has this opportunity.

Question: Not to ask anything for myself and just to give everything?

Answer: Yes. It is not that far away; we can understand that.

Question: We can understand. But can we do this or not?

Answer: Slowly. Gradually, with the support of society.

Question: Do you think that is what the virus came for, to move us closer to this?

Answer: Precisely for this. Look what it is doing. This is the first blow to all of humanity in our time.

Remark: Is this the way to “Do not do unto others what is hateful to you,” then to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and then one single whole?

Answer: Yes. One humanity with one Creator. It all will be fast.

Question: Will you and I see this?

Answer: I think so, yes. I even have confidence.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/6/20

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A Cry From A Dead End

236.01Remark: The 9 of Av is the day of the destruction of the First and Second Temples. In practice, the Temples were built at the height of love for one’s neighbor.

My Comment: The destruction of the First and Second Temples was foreseen even before their construction.

Question: Then why were they built?

Answer: To make sure that they could not stand in the way they were built. Each Temple personified the unity of people. And since this unity was insufficient, the Temples collapsed.

Question: Why did they collapse ?

Answer: In order to create the Third Temple. This is the most important thing. We must build the Third Temple only by our requests and prayers because the Third Temple is built from such desires, intentions, and connections that a man is not able to implement. He can only ask.

Question: That is, the Third Temple will be built on the basis of the unity of the whole world. Two Temples were built by one nation. Should the Third Temple be built by the whole world?

Answer: Yes. That is why it is written: “My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations.”

Question: In order for a new Temple to rise, must the previous one be destroyed?

Answer: Definitely. Because precisely on the basis of the destruction of the Temples, when man understands why these Temples collapsed, he can correct his attitude toward the very concept of “the Temple” and build a new one.

Question: Do you feel now that the time is coming for the construction of the Third Temple?

Answer: I do feel it, but people still do not. They do not understand the necessity of it and, in general, what the Third Temple is.

Question: Will only love for one’s neighbor be the basis for it?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: In general, everyone talks about love for one’s neighbor.

My Comment: Everyone is just talking. There is absolutely no realization here! Where, in what nation have you seen unification? Moreover, unification not only within the nation itself but also with other peoples, the motivation for this. There is nothing! But there is nothing in our nation as well. It just has to start showing up.

Question: How will you feel the signs of its manifestation? Will it be a complete impasse, a complete collapse?

Answer: Yes. It will be from a complete impasse, complete disappointment with what we have now, and a movement toward unity as the only way out of our state.

Question: So, as you often say, should there be some kind of a universal cry?

Answer: Yes. A howl, a groan, in which there will be absolute despair because of the impossibility of reaching your predestination. Not just live. It does not matter—to live or to die. In the end, we all live and we all die.

There is nothing to it. A couple of years earlier or later—a man can get used to it and say: “That is it, I am leaving.”

But the groan comes from the fact that there is a huge opportunity to adhere to a completely new world that shows up in front of you. You begin to feel that you can rise to a different level of existence. It is not about life and death, but about the ideal.

Question: What is this ideal?

Answer: The ideal is the unity of absolutely everyone above hatred. Then all will feel it as one.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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Don’t Believe! Check It Out!

627.1Question: Today there is a massive denial of scientific knowledge, belief in something. The world is confused, people have to choose how and what to believe. We do not believe in the safety of vaccines. Coronavirus is fiction, and if not fiction, then science is powerless. We no longer believe in doctors, but in unofficial science, shamans, predictors.

Do you know how many methods to cure coronavirus are there? A huge number! A million views! Everywhere it is written: “I am cured”, “I am cured” …

What should we believe today?

Answer: I do not believe in anything. I do not feel that life obliges me to believe in something.

Question: What should an ordinary person begin to believe in?

Answer: The fact is that we live in a time when people abuse their egoism. They undermine self-confidence. If a doctor says to me: “I think that such a medicine is good for you, it is worth using it,” I might already think that he has connections with the pharmacy, that he makes money on it, that pharmaceutical companies pay him, etc.

Everything passes into egoism like through sand, and therefore we no longer believe in anyone and in anything.

This is the general picture of the world today when we have slaughtered all the “holy cows.” Absolutely nothing is sacred; we do not believe in anything: not in ourselves or in God, not in the devil, in anyone, or in anything. A person is really left without anything, like a small child stands and cries that he was forgotten. In this form.

Question: What is the Creator’s program here, to lead us to such a small state?

Answer: Of course! So that we turn out to be like this: here I stand in front of you as if naked.

Remark: I see that constant work is precisely to bring a person to this: like a bunny under a bush—I do not trust anyone, I do not know anything, I am afraid of everything.

My Comment: Yes, and there is no one to hope for—only a higher power, which he will gradually come to when he understands what it should be, that it is based absolutely on bestowal, absolutely on love, absolutely above his egoism.

When he understands what this higher power should be, and how he can turn to it, then enlightenment will come, and he will come to the truth.

Question: Will a man not need doctors then?

Answer: In principle, doctors are not needed. Doctors are needed only for the period of the Creator’s concealment. Then everything will fulfill the person’s connection with the Creator.

Remark: But this is a very distant future.

My Comment: I think it will happen very quickly.

Question: What is your advice? What is an ordinary person to believe in today? How can he live?

Answer: Do not believe in anything. He should simply understand that everything that has happened to us and is still happening is only so that we really feel the need for the real Creator and not for something invented by some grandmas and so on.

Now everyone is inventing God for themselves. There were many such deities. As it is written about Abraham, he destroyed these gods, i.e., all beliefs in different gods.

Question: “Different god”—does this mean a god that suits my egoism?

Answer: Yes. And if it is real, true, He can be only one—altruistic, built only on that which is higher than egoism.

Question: When I do not believe, when I feel bad, does it mean that here I need to search? My egoism is bad. Does that mean that the Creator is somewhere nearby, He is approaching me? Is He exactly the opposite of that?

Answer: Of course.

Question: And what are my actions at this moment?

Answer: Search. Seek and very clearly realize what He should be like after all. What should I be in order to find Him?
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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How Genius Children Lose Their Abilities

959Remark: NASA found that 98% of children are born creative geniuses. However schools makes them dull, average people.

In the course of the research, 1,600 children aged four to five years old were tested for genius. Unexpectedly it turned out that 98% of children could be called a genius.

Five years later, new tests were conducted with the same children, already at the age of ten, and they received the following result: instead of 98%, 30% remained. Five years later, they again conducted tests—only 12% of genius children remained.

Then the researchers abandoned this and conducted a test with adults. It turned out that only 2% of them met the test for genius. Scientists have concluded that the process of studying at school, university, and so on, which supposedly should add IQ, “kills” a child who is born a genius.

My Comment: Of course! I felt how school was breaking me down. Breaking in the full sense of the word! How they forced me to study exactly like this, and explain like this, and think like this. I feel it today. How parents were pressing me, how school was pressing me!

Remark: If I come to think about it, it turns out that we built the entire education system to our own detriment.

My Comment: Of course!

Question: Why?

Answer: Because this system is built to stick a small, fragile egoism in some framework and make out of it what we need.

That is, we break the child, instead of developing him freely. Why do we need to feed the child these patterns of thinking? We teach them to think this way and not the other way. Of course, we cripple them by this.

Question: How should we educate a child?

Answer: We should talk with them calmly, freely, even without any topics. Only in a free style, in conversation. It can even be a group of people of different ages. So that they would talk about different topics and learn from each other, developing new topics and new opportunities from within themselves.

When I listen to others, I begin to think, “What about me? How is this for me?” This is a completely different development. All you need is communication, simple communication between people.

Everything else is created artificially, egotistically, for our egoistic needs, which only raise us, as egoists, above each other.

Question: Do you think that school and university are just egoistic pressure on us?

Answer: In order to make money on each other. Both science and art, and everything there is, exist just to earn from each other: either in the form of some material things, money, or in the form of worship, approval, respect, pride, and so on.

Question: And if, as you say, we could just talk, just sit under a tree, just talk and develop from within, what would we come to?

Answer: Perhaps we would have found some new correct community. I do not think it would have been easy. Yet, if we could correctly analyze our inner egoistic impulses in communication between us, we would be able to somehow hold them and balance them.

Question: In other words, do you think there would have been arguments and hatred anyway?

Answer: Of course! Our egoistic nature does not disappear.

Question: How would we have balanced this?

Answer: Between us. We would explain to each other. If we were not entangled in all these notions, psychological, scientific, etc., then it would be easier for us. The most important thing is direct, open communication.

Question: Will we then require any technical innovations, all this technical progress?

Answer: Why? What does it give us?!

Remark: But even now you and I are talking virtually. I am in one studio, and you are in another.

My Comment: Well, what do we need this for? With this, we just have to make up for our separation somehow. We would be talking, but perhaps in a different way, through different capabilities.

Question: Internally, even without words?

Answer: Yes, different communication, on a different channel. Through the internal connection between us.

Everything comes to the point that we give up our past attitude to life, to the world, to ourselves, to progress.

I hope that the attitude toward oneself and others as egoistic little creatures will become more and more apparent, will be as if before the eyes of the person and he will have to change himself.

Question: Still, in what is the genius of a person?

Answer: In the integration. In absolute, complete internal and external integration.

Question: Do you call a person who can do this a genius by and large?

Answer: Yes. If all education were directed there, the genius of a person would be preserved and increased.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/8/20

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