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“Mastering Human Connection” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Mastering Human Connection

The world is advancing towards a more interconnected state, towards reciprocity and integration. One who already perceives this trend of development can pass along to others the spirit of connection. We bear witness to the signs of humanity’s ripening process which has been accelerated by the pandemic. Complete maturity will be reached only when we rise to the level of love of others. The transition period toward it can be either painful or pleasant depending on our level of willing participation in ushering in that positive change.

What can move us towards a state of emotional closeness and harmony despite all the legitimate disagreements? Each of us as a “connection cultivator” must constantly put before his or her eyes one principle: in order to influence someone for the better, I must first connect with the person in sympathy, praise, and understanding, while thinking together how to further improve mutual care and reciprocity. In other words, we each must put into practice love of others to create the most fertile ground for a gratifying existence.

Until now, we have let our inborn selfish nature dominate our thoughts and actions in life. The more we continue in that direction the more we distance ourselves from the essential unifying law of nature, which leads to everyone’s suffering as the division proliferates. Thus, the ongoing virus outbreak is conducting us towards a more conscious society, one that is aware of our interdependence so that our aspirations for a better future bear fruit.

How can we yield ideal results in our human relationships and cohesion? First of all it is important to realize that every person acts as a type of receiver and transmitter. We constantly receive messages, process them within ourselves, and transmit them. So when I start thinking about good connections and complementary relationships between people, a field of positive feeling already spreads around me, even without words.

Moreover, in order to increase the positive impact in the circles among which we move throughout life, first and foremost we need to assess our surrounding environment. This means we need to check the current situation of the people we associate with, the state they aspire to reach, what they would consider success, and how they define a good future. Then, we need to build an outreach action plan based on that vision that is tailored to them and offer to deepen the mutual connection as a means of helping them realize those goals.

This kind of sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of others is relevant in our relations with our children and family members, as well as with friends and colleagues at work. It might also be related to improved health, career and business success, to better relationships—in reality, to anything and everything. Whatever the exact situation, the principle is always the same: first understand where the people are and what they are aiming for, and then think about how to demonstrate them that through good connections between people around can they achieve their goals.

In order to better understand what is meant by the word “connection”, let’s consider the family circle for the sake of illustration. What does a connected family look like? It is a place where everyone feels open to each other, willing to understand and support each other, without having to defend or hide from anyone. A family must be a unit in which the atmosphere is like a warm, gentle cloud encircling everyone.

If we want to broaden our perspective, we can go one step further and try to envisage how differently our country would be run with this connection-focused approach. If people could sit together and connect in the same way as within a family, our societies would behave in a vastly different manner. Instead of fighting from morning to evening in such ruthless ways, there would be more peaceful interactions between us every step of the way.

What can move us towards a state of emotional closeness and harmony despite all the legitimate disagreements? Each of us as a “connection cultivator” must constantly put before his or her eyes one principle: in order to influence someone for the better, I must first connect with the person in sympathy, praise, and understanding, while thinking together how to further improve mutual care and reciprocity. In other words, we each must put into practice love of others to create the most fertile ground for a gratifying existence.

“Harnessing Society’s Power Of Complementing Contrasts” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Harnessing Society’s Power of Complementing Contrasts

When you look at societies around the world, it is clear that tensions are rising everywhere. Whether it is between Right and Left, religious and secular, Conservatives and Progressives, Blacks and Whites, or locals and immigrants, the reasons are countless but the tension is the same: Two opposites that want to cancel one another.

The contrasts in society are its source of energy; we must harness them to build a better, stronger, and healthier society. We must not, and cannot agree, but rather complement each other. Once we do this, all of us will benefit from the power of society, the power of complementing contrasts.

It will not work. The contrasts will only grow, as will the tensions. All of reality is built on complementing contrasts that are interdependent. Take one away and you have canceled the other. Human society is no exception, except that we don’t recognize our interdependence and therefore do not want to complement each other. Instead, we want to cancel one another. We regard anyone who does not think or speak like us as backward and ignorant, hence the cancel culture.

But if two complementing contrasts are required for development, how can one party be right and the other one is wrong? If reality itself requires the presence of opposites, how can we want to cancel those we regard as opposite from us, when in truth, it is the existence of the opposite view from mine that justifies the existence of my own view? If, for example, there were no Conservatives, would there be Progressives? The whole concept of Progressivism exists because there is the concept of Conservatism.

Moreover, and this is the most important point: Neither side matters in and of itself. Only the tension between them matters! The frictions between opposing views makes people think, move, build, explore, challenge, or in short, live!

Therefore, we must feel our objection, our dismay at the opinion of our opposers. At the same time, we must not cancel them; we must acknowledge that they are the reason that we feel so strongly about the subject. Their zeal about their views excites our own, and together, we keep each other growing.

The contrasts in society are its source of energy; we must harness them to build a better, stronger, and healthier society. We must not, and cannot agree, but rather complement each other. Once we do this, all of us will benefit from the power of society, the power of complementing contrasts.

“Between Good And Evil” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Between Good and Evil

From the subatomic level to the most sophisticated human societies, everything consists of two basic, yet opposite elements. We define one of them as positive and the other one as negative. For example, we define the electric charge in a proton as positive and the one that is in the electron as negative. We define light as positive and darkness as negative, growth as positive and decay as negative, birth as positive and death as negative, and we define love as positive and hate as negative. We also attribute value to our definitions: We regard the positive as good, and the negative as bad.

We already exist concurrently, but we resist this idea and still strive to cancel one another. In order to create the healthy balance that can engender the next level of development, we must be conscious of the process, agree to coexistence with our opposite, accept our mutual dependence, and that without the other side, we will not develop.

But life does not consist of static states, but of cycles. Generation and degeneration are intertwined, and we would not have one without the other. Therefore, neither of them is good nor bad. We would not have love if we did not have hate, so which of them is good and which is bad? In a cycle, just as in a wheel, everything moves through all the possible positions; nothing has an absolute, unchanging value; it all depends on its position in the cycle.

Now, imagine what would happen if we removed one item from a pair of opposite elements. What would happen to the day if there were no night? What would happen to life if there were no death? Only when we have both do we have a complete and functioning system. If we have a balanced number of protons and electrons, we have a complete atom. If we have a balanced number of animals in an area, we have a stable and healthy ecosystem.

As things evolve, they tilt and sway, and each time, a different aspect takes charge until it gives it up in favor of the opposite element. When they reach a more or less stable balance, it is a sign that the system has completed its construction and a new system has begun to evolve on top of it. This is why evolution goes from the simpler to the more complex, and why human society has evolved from smaller and simpler societies to larger and more complex ones.

The same pattern permeates all of creation; the tilt from positive to negative is the engine of reality. It never stops; when it reaches stability, it engenders a new level where the tilting process starts all over again until the new level reaches harmony and stability once more, but only in order to develop another level, higher still.

Human societies go through the exact same process as the rest of reality. The previous century demonstrated the extremes that humanity can reach. My teacher’s father, Baal HaSulam, who wrote about this as early as the 1950s, already noted, “Humanity has already thrown itself to the extreme right, as with Germany, or to the extreme left, as with Russia, but not only did they not ease the situation for themselves, they have worsened the malady and agony.” Like all of reality, human society had to go through extremes, but it also has to find its balance, where extremes exist in mutual support and move on to the next level of development.

This is our current point in time. We have tried our best to ordain the most fanatic extremes, but they all gave way (as they should) to their opposites, which in turn collapsed, as well. Now we have all of the extremes existing simultaneously, and it is time for them to complement one another just as atoms, seasons, and all animals do.

However, this is where humankind’s uniqueness comes into play: In all of nature, the tilting and subsequent harmony happen on their own, through nature’s inherent forces. Humankind is different. We already exist concurrently, but we resist this idea and still strive to cancel one another. In order to create the healthy balance that can engender the next level of development, we must be conscious of the process, agree to coexistence with our opposite, accept our mutual dependence, and that without the other side, we will not develop.

Moreover, we have to agree to it on every level. We must go through that process of recognition in matters of gender, race, culture, opinions, and anything that pertains to human existence. If, for example, we do not accept that there are both Democrats and Republicans in society, we will never grow above the political rift. Instead of generating a higher and more advanced reality that includes both views, we will sink into the rift until bloodshed erupts.

Worse yet, it doesn’t matter how much blood we shed, we will still not be able to eliminate the other side since nature has created it, just as it created us. If, by chance, one side does destroy the other, the “triumphant” side will disappear, as well, since its opposite will no longer exist. We will stop advancing, nature will recreate that situation all over again, and we will ultimately have to accept that both sides must exist and complement one another.

Only then will the higher level emerge. When we accept that both opposites are mandatory, we will rise to the next level of development. This is the secret of evolution.

“When Inclusion Turns Against Itself” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “When Inclusion Turns against Itself

Banning Children’s Books and Movies Is the Writing on the Wall – Society Is Crumbling

Over the past several months, we have been bombarded with news about “corrections” taking place in various global companies, corporations, but most notably, in the education system. These measures, which are taken purportedly in order to make society more inclusive, actually ban, prohibit, limit, and condemn many of the most basic freedoms of people in a democratic country, such as freedom of expression and even freedom of thought. There are too many examples to mention, but here are a few typical ones: Amazon has removed the iconic children’s books of Dr. Seuss, and Disney+ has taken down from children’s profiles such cherished movies as Dumbo, Peter Pan, and Swiss Family Robinson, and added a caution next to the title in grownups’ profiles that the movies contain culturally inappropriate content.

By now, we have become so alienated that we cannot stand anyone who isn’t exactly like us. As a result, we introduce “equity,” which tries to force fairness and impose impartiality and equality, when in fact, it states that if you don’t think like the decision maker thinks you’re “supposed” to, you are ostracized, subject to various social punishments such as banning from society, losing your job, shaming on social media, and other social punishments that are often more hurtful than incarceration, and occasionally cause people to take their own lives.

There is more: Coca-Cola asked its workers to be “less white” to fight racism, seriously. Megyn Kelly, in an interview with Bill Maher, said she pulled her children from a private school because, among other woke oddities, it conducted a “three-week experimental trans education” program in her son’s third-grade class.

There is still more: The Grace Church School in Manhattan offers a 12-page guide to “inclusive language.” The guide discourages children from using the words “parents,” “Mom,” and “Dad,” and suggests that they use “folks” or “grown-ups” instead. In New York City, the Department of Education will remove all selective “screens” for middle schools for the 2021-2022 academic year and eliminate district priority for high schools altogether. To increase diversity, a lottery will replace the screening tests. And finally, Bari Weiss writes about a friend of hers, a Manhattan mother of a four-year-old girl who watched her daughter draw, when the girl said casually, “I need to draw in my own skin color.” Skin color, she told her mother, is “really important.” This was what she learned in school.

The irony about these examples, and countless more, is that they are all consequences of a campaign to increase inclusion and diversity. Clearly, the campaigners do not realize that when you inhibit freedom of thought and freedom of expression, you are abolishing inclusion, eliminating diversity, and shredding society into pieces. I don’t think that this ideology will prevail, but if it does, America will finish itself off.

This campaign is going toward a clear outcome, which I call “recognition of evil.” In other words, it is going to show us that our own nature, human nature, is rotten and evil to the core. In the process, it will also show us that we don’t have a clue about the right way to educate children or grown-ups.

Successful education requires knowing its final outcome before you even begin. And as for the inclusion campaign, nature didn’t create people equal; it created them different! It didn’t create them better or worse, but rather different! We, humans, attribute value to one race over another, to one culture over another, to one faith over another, and to one worldview over another. Therefore, we humans are the problem, not the race, gender, faith, or culture into which we were born. We make people unequal because this is how we think of them. Diversity is a blessing; it makes people unique, and therefore extremely valuable! Trying to eliminate the differences between us will create separation, alienation, and hatred, and it will not create inclusion or equality.

Indeed, for many centuries now, we have been growing further and further apart. By now, we have become so alienated that we cannot stand anyone who isn’t exactly like us. As a result, we introduce “equity,” which tries to force fairness and impose impartiality and equality, when in fact, it states that if you don’t think like the decision maker thinks you’re “supposed” to, you are ostracized, subject to various social punishments such as banning from society, losing your job, shaming on social media, and other social punishments that are often more hurtful than incarceration, and occasionally cause people to take their own lives.

Trying to change human nature is as wise as Don Quixote’s tilting at windmills, and far more damaging. It injures people’s souls, especially that of children, and maims their psyches. You cannot tie people to a mental procrustean bed and expect them to come out unscathed. They will never be the same, and they will not be healthy individuals.

What you do have to do is utilize each person’s uniqueness for the benefit of society. You need to highlight the differences and show how each person’s contribution makes him or her unique and irreplaceable. When you make people proud of who they are, they will not want to change themselves; they will not want to change others, and they will feel confident connecting and communicating with others. This is the whole trick to building a thriving society.

In a society that endorses people’s uniqueness, they will not hesitate to socialize, mingle in diverse groups, and get to know other people and cultures. There will be no racism or discrimination among them, no judgment and no xenophobia, since they will know that they have something to gain from every person they meet. Such people will form flourishing societies that will be inherently diverse, and naturally inclusive. They will be vibrant and welcoming precisely because all views, races, genders, faiths, and cultures are welcome.

For the sake of the 330 million people living in America, I hope they understand it before rather than after they suffer unimaginable torments for trying to change their own nature.

There Is No Desert Without A Well

741.02“What makes the desert beautiful,” said the little prince, “is that somewhere it hides a well…”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Wells are hidden under the sand. They exist everywhere. The root of life is everywhere, in everything. The most important thing is for us to relate to the meaning of life, to the root of life, and not to what we see outside.

Question: Tell me, is the desert burning inside me? Many people today have the feeling that there is no life.

Answer: You simply reveal something that was not there anyway. There was no life before either, only now you realize it. And so what you are revealing now is better than what was before.

Question: How can I, burning inside, understand or believe that if I overcome this state, a well will be there? What kind of thought is that?

Answer: That there is a meaning to life, there is a purpose, there are great forces of nature that can lift us up and revive us, lead us to the source of life if only we seriously wish it.

Question: How can I grasp this idea in such a desolate state?

Answer: Only if you gather yourself together with the rest of your friends. You must come together, you must understand that this is only done together. Only in the environment.

Question: The environment, are they the same as me, desolate inside, looking for a well?

Answer: That is precisely what they must understand, that this well is hidden in the connection between them.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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Put Your Planet In Order

616.1 “It is a question of discipline,” the little prince said to me later on. “When you’ve finished your own toilet in the morning, then it is time to attend to the toilet of your planet, just so, with the greatest care.”
Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince

Question: What does it mean “to attend to the toilet of your planet”? A person gets up in the morning and says what?

Answer: He does not like what is happening to him, to others, to everyone.

Comment: Now there is a pandemic, a virus, you cannot meet anyone, fly anywhere…

My Response: Yes. One must agree with what is happening because this is actually the most correct way. One just needs to justify the Creator. This is the most correct path to the best state.

We just do not understand why this is happening, what is this best state to which we must advance in such a terrible way. None of us likes this world. Everyone would rearrange it in their own way.

Question: Does this agreement: “Whatever You do is for the good. Thank You so much for everything you are doing” mean to attend to the toilet of your planet?

Answer: The Creator does all according to our state. We should be His partners. However, since we are not His partners, He needs to bend us a little and, accordingly, still direct the “boat” in this direction.

Question: That is my understanding. So, does this mean putting my planet in order?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I then advance without suffering?

Answer: This is, of course, not possible. On the contrary, I should accept these sufferings as corrections and be happy about them because they heal me.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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Where Should A Person Go?

 202Comment: 2020 stopped production, which resulted in a depression, led to poverty, destroyed entire industries, broke families, and ruined governments. “We have all failed,” says the UN.

On the other hand, forecasts for 2021 say it will be much worse. The virus will be scarier. We will be vaccinated every year or every six months, and so on. There are many dire predictions. And here a man stands between these problems and does not know what to do. He’s like a paralyzed person.

And they also say: “You look at 2020, and it will seem like a fairy tale to you.”
How should an ordinary person behave between these fires?

My Response: A person should still ask himself: “Why is this happening in the world? Can I do something about it?”

Now we can somehow answer this. We still need to correlate our life with what is happening,  why have such viruses suddenly crept out. If we were killed by a nuclear war, that would be another matter, everyone would understand. And why did some strange virus suddenly appear? Tomorrow may bring another one, then a third, and so on. Where can we go from there?

Comment: A nuclear war is understandable: Here is the enemy and he is dropping a bomb on you, or you are dropping it. And then someone invisible…

My Response: Nature.

Question: And how can we talk to nature? How does one enter into a dialogue with it, say: “Don’t touch me.” Or: “Why are you touching me?”

Answer: We do not approach nature, we do not approach it. We are constantly in opposition to nature. All nature is integral, global, everything is interconnected in it, and humanity, on the contrary, builds a system that is opposite to nature in everything!

Nature is a living organism in which we also exist as a living organism. And these two living organisms begin to oppose each other because we do not want to recognize ourselves as a part of nature.

We are doing a huge amount of anti-natural actions. We hate others, we dig in the ground and destroy the air, trees, whatever. See what happens every day! We are even told about it, but we cannot contain ourselves.

We subjugate nature in everything and everyone. We are in every way opposed to the integrality of nature and we constantly violate this integrality at all levels and in all possible forms. And that is why nature reacts in this way! This is not some kind of malicious intent in nature.

Comment: But it is attacking us now.

My Response: It is not attacking, but it is protecting itself from its main pest—man.

There is no question of any retribution here. Only a normal reaction of nature. Not some evil intentions. There is no such thing in nature. And there is just a clear reaction. We have reached the point where nature will have to destroy us. We are the only and greatest evil in nature.

Question: So what’s next? What actions should an ordinary person take?

Answer: Stop being opposite to nature. Make it so that you understand what it means to correspond to it, moreover, at the levels of physical, genetic, biological, vegetative, animate, whatever. And most importantly, as a person. With our thoughts, we are directing huge damage to nature. We do not want to be the integral core of all nature. Although we, in general, are the top of it by design.

Question: I am an ordinary person who lived my normal life. Is it enough for me to begin to understand that the world is interconnected?

Answer: I must understand! Otherwise, these pandemics will not end. What does nature teach you? That you are in a huge closed system. In this system, you excite all kinds of negative forces, properties, reactions.

Question: So you won’t get tired of repeating, repeating, and repeating it?

Answer: I have nothing more to say. I speak from a different point of view. What else can I say to humanity? After all, there is no other reason for our constant deterioration of our condition, degradation at all levels. There is no other reason.

We have created a system of our interconnection, the so-called society, which eats itself up.

Question: What decision should an ordinary person make, not the government of the world, not the UN? What do you call him to?

Answer: I think that nothing depends on government here. It depends on the attitude of a person to the world around him—to inanimate, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature. All levels.

We must protect this world. We must, as the most terrible, threatening part of it, bring this world to equilibrium precisely with our correct attitude. Except for us, all of nature, the entire universe is in equilibrium. And we are breaking this balance with our thoughts and actions.

Question: So it is enough for me to at least direct my thought to this?

Answer: And everything else depends on thought. A person does not do anything completely thoughtlessly. If we stop thinking about harming each other, then the world will immediately begin to calm down from this thought.

Most importantly, let’s calm down with our thoughts.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/8/21

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A Long-Awaited Journey

709Question: Airbnb, a company that books accommodations around the world, has published a report with forecasts for the travel market for 2021. They believe that business travel will not return. Also people will often travel by car and not far from home. Fifty-two percent would prefer to leave their phones at home. Tourists do not want to spend time on photos and posting them on social networks, they are not interested in it and, also, so that no-one would connect with them.

At the same time, the majority of tourists are ready for new trips again, and 54% have either already booked tickets or are planning a tour today.

The first question is this: how can the desire to travel even if you are threatened with infection be explained? Haven’t we learned the lessons of the coronavirus?

Answer: The fact is that we do not live simply because we exist like cats that lie in the sun and bask. We still live by fulfillment.

And then I buy a ticket to somewhere, maybe not far away, but abroad, where something is new, different, and I have a different feeling, and I’m traveling.

Question: And no coronavirus can stop it? Does it live in a person?

Answer: It lives in the person. I think people will start traveling after all. It will be possible to travel to certain countries, and maybe to all of them. And they will come out of this state.

Without travel, there is no way to get any renewal. When you get into an unfamiliar environment, you become a child. And this state of carelessness, surprise, and discovery is very important for a person. Moreover, if he is already in old age (old like a young child), then it is very important for him, it’s renewing.

Question: Are you like a child when you travel?

Answer: Sure. Today we will go there, then we will go here and do something else! This childishness that wakes up in us, some kind of carefree feeling, is precisely what attracts us.

Question: But if we can travel to our inner world, will we see a bright world there?

Answer: In this we will see everything! We will see the most important thing: The cause and effect of everything that happens. I am a great optimist. It will happen and it will happen very quickly, and I will see it together with all of humanity.

We will come to discover the full depth of nature in its true form. We will see all the causes and effects, everything that happens, everything that we produce in nature, what reactions we awaken and why. In general, we will see everything in front of us, all the worlds—huge, huge, and all this will be in our attainment.

This is precisely the inner fulfillment of a person, above this there is nothing, there is nothing more complete than this, and this captures a person so much that he no longer needs anything. This is not a restriction or a stop on the way, it it is really for all that a person is created.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/8/21

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Fashion Will Be Different

961.2Comment: In Germany, due to the extension of the lockdown, the clothing trade has almost completely stopped. Loss from sales during this entire winter period equals ten billion euros. Half a billion fashion items remain unsold. They must already be destroyed because they will no longer be relevant next year.

My Response: I do not think that fashion will change. I do not think that fashion will exist at all. Therefore, I would not recommend destroying them. Rags are rags. People will not chase after this, as they do not chase after what is available today. It is over.

Question: That is, a person will not follow the season of 2021, 2022 and will wear whatever is comfortable and cozy for him?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Realizing this, fashionable clothes at the fashion show in China were replaced with protective suits and visors against the coronavirus. High fashion on the catwalk is protective medical equipment and clothing for service personnel and for firefighters. It was the answer to the growing Chinese market.

My Response: Of course, they immediately realized that this is the way things should be.

Question: Who would you now send to the European catwalks?

Answer: I would demonstrate very practical clothes that do not hinder movements, are comfortable, wearable, and that is it, and not flashy.

Question: Do you think there may be a couturier and high fashion for very simple clothes?

Answer: Comfortable! Not simple maybe, but comfortable. I love jackets with many pockets, pants that fit comfortably and do not need to be ironed. Something very comfortable that does not hinder any movement. You can sit everywhere, do whatever you want, it does not get dirty. This is what needs to be invented, so that clothes do not get dirty. Even if I fall in a can of paint, I get out of there, take a shower, and it rinses off me even without soap.

This is how it should be! Let them invent! What happens, they deliberately invent things that quickly get dirty or break.

Question: That is, you are not even in favor of having a lot of clothes in a closet, but just necessary everyday things?

Answer: I think that if a person likes what he is wearing, then it makes no sense for him to change it. It is all just empty fashion that is imposed on him.

Question: And nothing will come back? That is, we approached simplicity?

Answer: Nothing will come back! The clearest direction is comfort. So that it does not repel others and is comfortable for you.

Comment: Beautiful and comfortable.

My Response: What does beautiful mean? To make people want to stroke you. Like silk, like wool—something very pleasant. This is how it should be. Clothes that complement a person’s image.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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The Goals That Choose Us

294.1Comment: In response to one of your videos, someone wrote: “In general, coming up with some kind of a global goal and then living up to it is self-deception.” This is when you talked about the goal of life, about the big goal that must be set.

“We need to set only local, small goals: to make coffee so that it does not spill out, as usual to make your money last until your monthly salary, to lose two kilos of weight, to read a book, to memorize a poem.”

My Response: Absolutely right! Rejoice in these small, very small goals. You cannot raise your head higher, you cannot think about the future.

And I feel controlled by the whole world. And that is why this control worries me.

Question: I made myself some coffee, but I have a feeling that I can no longer be particularly happy about it? There is something so big in front of me.

Answer: Of course. Until I finish this cup of coffee, something may happen. What should I do? I am created this way.

I have children, and I have to think about them. I have grandchildren, and I also want to think about them. This is a natural feeling of every person. These are not some artificial, made-up goals or concerns. They are inside me naturally, as in any person. How should I react to this? “Do not bother me and let me finish my coffee.” It will not work that way.

If this bothers me, I will think about it. I want to know what kind of world my grandchildren will live in. They are already adults. They graduate from universities and go into the world. What kind of world?

Question: Is this called the big goal I am thinking about?

Answer: Of course. At the same time, I do not think about myself, I think about the generation in which my grandchildren will live. I want to take care of them as every person takes care of their offspring. I do not want to jump above this toward spiritual goals. I am ready to limit myself to this.

Well, how can we not think about what will happen on Earth in 50 years? In 100 years? Where will humanity move?

Comment: The taste of coffee immediately disappears when I suddenly start thinking about it, looking at the world.

My Response: Yes, but we, humans, can build it. And we still need to worry about how we can provide for our children, grandchildren, and for all of humanity in general, a normal tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Question: When exactly do you talk about the goal of life?

Answer: This is the fate of a few people, imposed on them from above. I will put it this way: they are forced from above to think about the future, about the spiritual future, about the spiritual ascent of humanity. But this is still tied, among other things, to our earthly actions.

So, we must connect one with the other. And we must connect them in our generation. And therefore, whether we wish or not, in our generation we must think about the inner motives of our actions.

Question: That is, it is important for you that humanity reaches this good connection?

Answer: Without this, it will not be able to calmly drink coffee tomorrow.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/28/21

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