What Prevents Happiness?

Laitman_036Remark: Scientists came to the conclusion that by 2050, the world will face 10 major problems: human genetic modification, increasing proportion of elderly population, disappearance of cities, evolution of social networks, new geopolitical tensions, security of transportation, diminishing natural resources, colonization of other planets, expansion of human brain capabilities, and growing influence of artificial intelligence. (BBC “10 Grand Challenges We’ll Face by 2050“)

Answer: None of this will happen. All of our current development is leading us to a dead end. It seems like we can deal with so many problems, populate other planets, and develop deserts, anything. We can build, destroy, and delude ourselves no matter what. But our egoism will not allow it.

It will make our life unbearable and will lead to continuous fighting between us: between family members, children, parents, residents living in the same city, in the same neighborhood; it won’t matter where or what. We will not be able to get along with each others. And it will be a terrible life. Egoism will lead us to this state.

No inventions will help us. They will provide nothing. First of all, we will use them to subjugate other people, to profit from, and pressure everybody. We see how technology develops and what it is used for.

So, let’s see what prevents us from being happy!

Happiness is not about settling on other planets—these lifeless celestial bodies, and it’s not about driverless cars, or living till the age of 200. It is quite enough for us to live seventy or eighty years. No need for more! It’s not a question of how long one lives, but how one lives! Anyway, you cannot escape death. To push it away is just a senseless human pursuit.

We need to make it so that we will begin to feel ourselves eternal, existing infinitely while still alive in this world. This is the solution to the problem. And we should not look for solutions to everyday problems according to our egoism. Egoism will spoil everything anyway.

We cannot say that today we are happier than those who lived 50 years ago. They did not have the electronic gadgets that we play with now, but they were not less happy because of it.

I see that according to current statistics, people are less happy, humanity is in deeper depression. Today, everyone starts to think about how and where to consume marijuana or something else to “check out.” Why should a person live for 200 years? So 100 of them will be spent in a drugged delusion?!

We must create a good life for ourselves. This is achieved very simply, through good relations between us. Otherwise, Armageddon awaits.

Do you know what Armageddon is? In Israel, there is a small mountain (Har) called Megido. There were some skirmishes a couple of thousand years ago. From that, this figurative expression “Armageddon,” the end of the world, got started.

In fact, we do not need to wait for the end of the world. It is possible to climb up this hill now and look down from it. It’s not that high; it’s some kind of mound only 700 to 800 meters high. Let’s not bring ourselves to the extreme states. Let’s make our life calm, good, and happy today, not in 50 years.

And most importantly, with the help of the science of Kabbalah, we can begin to feel the next life, the upper world, the transition from one state to another, from one reincarnation to another. This is all in our power.

I wish for you to discover for yourself the eternal state of growing and contented matter.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/2/17

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