The Main Problem Of Humanity: Lack Of Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Herman Van Rompuy, EU President): “European Union President Herman Van Rompuy is just trying to spread a little happiness. For the New Year, the politician who fancies soothing Haiku poetry in his free time is sending The World Book of Happiness to world leaders and urging them ‘to make people’s happiness and well-being our political priority for 2012.’

“‘Positive thinking is no longer something for drifters, dreamers, and the perpetually naive,’ Van Rompuy said.

“His ‘happiness’ message comes at a time when the European Union is going through the worst crisis in its half-century history, as high levels of government debt threaten the future of the shared euro currency.

“The book may even hold a key for some of the richer member states, who have been reluctant to help out troubled nations like Italy and Spain, which are suffering from high levels of debt that need to be refinanced.

“‘Money can buy happiness, if we spend it on others,’ it says.”

My Comment: Because the essence of the created being is the desire to receive pleasure, we feel happiness when this desire is filled, and vice versa, when it’s not, we are unhappy. Under the influence of personal and social egoism, we accept artificial fulfillment as happiness and never feel contentment.

Today, when we have entered the global crisis and feel emptiness, we begin to realize that we can be filled only by such natural fulfillments as calmness, kindness, and reciprocity, and nothing else. Hence, we will arrive to the need to become closer, to observe the condition of the general integral connection. As a manifestation of disease, the crisis directs us to receive treatment.

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