We Were Put Into A Washing Machine

626Question: The time in which we live is special. On one hand, there are dark times: pandemic, war, disease, and death.

According to statistics, it suddenly turns out that along with this there is an increase in social support and charity.  Along with the great separation people are experiencing,  at the same time there is great solidarity and support. They exist together. It feels like we are being put through some kind of purge.

What do you think we will cling to?

Answer: We are simply being washed like in a washing machine. That’s all.

Question: What is being washed in us?

Answer: Everything! Egoism, altruism, our views, everything is being washed. Such is our time.

Question: What is a “clean garment” for you? What should we come to as a result of all this washing?

Answer: We should reach an understanding of how we should relate to the world. We do not know. We rush from here to there. We do not have a clear worldview.

Question: Is that why we were placed into this washing machine?

Answer: Yes. People are not yet free within themselves to create a clear, definite, independent, objective base for themselves in order to observe the world from it, and precisely from it.

Question: Is this washing and cleaning in order for us to have at least some small light through which we would look at the world? Is it only then that we can talk about some kind of getting closer to objectivity?

Answer: Yes, at first we begin to understand how biased we are, how there is absolutely nothing that is clearly our own within us. Everything is superficial, everything changes very much depending on what we hear and what we see.

Question: Do we have this understanding that if they have already started washing us, it means we are dirty?

Answer: So what? I have nothing else. I think this way today, in a day or two or a week or two I will think differently. I myself do not know from which side and to which side I am gradually drifting. Not at all.

Question: How do we get through this time and come to a good result?

Answer: This is possible when we see a goal and we aim at it, we harpoon it, and we can be directed at it and go to it, swim to it. We harpoon it and it is dragging us.

Question: What should be the goal?

Answer: The Creator. There is nothing else. The world is already close to beginnin to discover this state.

Moreover, for us this discovery is turning to be scientific in some way, experimental, like for scientists, and so on.

And for people it will happen naturally. Like this: turn left, turn right, no, not here, no, not there, but where is it? And so on. That is, they will be rocked on the waves, and in the end they will see that here it is, the promised land.

Question: Are you saying that nowadays some kind of gyroscope is as if inserted into a person, like in an airplane, which leads him to the goal?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this gyroscope my inner voice that will be saying what I feel?

Answer: The gyroscope is a small motor that is clearly oriented, for example, to the North Star. No matter how its platform rotates in all planes, this spinning top is clearly directed at it along its axis.

Question: Is this how we will be directed to the Creator?

Answer: Yes! We need someone to spin this top within us. This is the middle line that should appear in us. Then there will be nothing scary.

Question: Is this what you call the best and only result of this whole washing and cleaning?

Answer: Of course! After this, everything becomes clear!

Question: Is this why all this is happening now?

Answer: Yes. Hold on to it and keep walking.

Comment: May God grant that this gyroscope, this wheel, will be finally inserted into us.

My Response: Yes. But only if we want it.

Question: How will I, a simple, ordinary person, perceive the Creator? What is it that I am yearning for, going toward?

Answer: The only truth of all possible ones. Then everything in the world will gradually subside, settle down. In general, it will all calm down.

Comment: God willing!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/21/22

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