Can We Skip Over This Or Not?

273.02Comment: Today’s world seems hostile and unpredictable to people. Scientists believe that as a result of this, people have shifted toward black-and-white solutions, without halftones, what is moral and what is not, whether there is a God, whether the death penalty is necessary, the answers become unambiguous.

Researchers say that we are on the verge of serious hardships and will need wisdom, and people needing to negotiate with each other, and not shooting from the hip. We have to learn to live by the rules of living together, yet we are less and less able to live like this.

My Response: This is true.

Question: What will happen to us?

Answer: There are sharp, dramatic methods of influencing humanity. Probably, there is no getting away from them.

Question: Do you think they will be applied?

Answer: Yes. Baal HaSulam, who is a famous Kabbalist, also writes that a third and even a fourth nuclear world war are quite possible.

Question: Is this in order to bring a person to some wisdom and gentleness?

Answer: We do not understand otherwise. Only disaster, only blows, can change us if we do not listen to what Kabbalah calls for.

Question: What does nature want to make of a person?

Answer: Nature pushes us to recognize the evil of our nature in order for us to begin changing it.

Comment: You will never get tired of talking about this.

My Response: This is a law of nature. How can I get tired? It will not change. It will only manifest itself more and more before us.

Question: Am I obliged to feel on my flesh, on myself, that there is evil in me? Is it not possible to skip over this?

Answer: No, it is impossible to skip over this. Nature will be combing us with a rake on our flesh, cutting like a knife. There will be nothing we can do about it. To agree immediately, as if we are ready to sit up and wag our tails, will not help us either.

It is because here we will have to recognize the full depth of our terrible and selfish nature, agree, understand, and even voluntarily want, without the influence of nature, to change ourselves.

That is, there must be a change. Although it will occur under the influence of external suffering, we still must realize this internally in our mind, in our inner qualities. We must ask nature to change us.

Question: Can we still avoid this? You started very harshly: “A person must go through this.”

Answer: The more I get to know people, the more I love animals.

Question: Do you see that a person is so stiff-necked?

Answer: The worst of all. He himself will not go and will not be able to do that. The only question is why nature drives us into such a trap. After all, it is relatively easy to recognize the inferiority of our nature and to draw conclusions from this.

Almost everyone will agree with this, from terrible monsters, murderers, and so on, to normal people. Everyone will agree that our nature is cruel, that we cannot get along with each other in any way. What can we do? “Let’s be good!”

No, we cannot! To do this, we need a systematic Kabbalistic education that will explain to us how to attract the good forces of nature upon us. These good forces will gradually, slowly change us over the years.

We definitely cannot do it ourselves. Nature can, but it depends on how much we can attract it upon ourselves, and beg it to change us.

A happy ending exists, but we cannot jump into it. Then what can we do? We can look soberly at what is happening and try to add superhuman awareness to human awareness with small inclusions, small injections.

There is nothing else. It will grow. However, it still requires a lot of time and a lot of effort.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/21/21

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