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533.01Question: Once we lived normally, we made plans, plans for five-years, ten-years, and so on. Man had a future. Today is a time of stress, anxiety, depression, and fear for the future. And what is striking is that humanity is getting used to living in fear, knowing that there will be wars, global warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and viruses. Do we need to get used to this state, this is how we will live?

Answer: The human body has a so-called defense reaction. The defensive reaction of our nature, egoism, cannot be stressed all the time, in constant worry, and so on. One is obliged to somehow push off any negative emotion, neutralize it, or even turn it into something else. If there is absolutely nothing, I die and after that I will have a paradise, a future world. It was not in vain that I suffered and so on.

Question: So this is a kind of micro-sedation?

Answer: Of course. If it were not for such a character trait, such an opportunity for a person, then people would commit suicide, having previously invented that after this, paradise awaits them.

Question: Still, there is that the future does not prepare us for anything particularly bright, but we are looking for little bright spots in all this future darkness?

Answer: The future prepares for us what we prepare in the future.

Question: So you say that we ourselves are winding up this future of ours?

Answer: Only you, yourself.

Question: Then tell me, how can we live with this? Can we build a bright future now, and it will be bright?

Answer: If you yourself do not invent your own plans, which were very attractive once, and many people naively believed that this was possible. What I come up with will be.

Question: How should one live? How can we build a different future? What other future?

Answer: Only in accordance with the strict laws of nature. These laws are correct, logical, and ready for execution.

And they will come true, and it will be better for us if we recognize them, and in accordance with them we will build our present. This is what the science of Kabbalah is doing. It talks about all the forces, all the laws of nature, reduces them to a minimum and explains to us what needs to be done in order to influence the future toward its optimization and improvement.

Question: How can I know what nature is preparing for me, what it is leading me to?

Answer: Nature leads you to realize what opportunities you have to change the future and achieve it. It depends on the participation of any person in this future.

Question: What are my options? What should I do?

Answer: You should want to know about your influence on your future. We need to build it up, create it. It is as you make it. You are told the laws of nature, and you must assemble your future from them, like from a construction toy.

Question: What is the basic law of nature?

Answer: The basic law of nature is man coinciding with the law of nature. I don’t twist. The law of nature is the law of universal bestowal and love, universal unification, universal complementarity to each other until an ideal picture of the world system appears before us.

Question: Only toward this should I go?

Answer: Yes. And nothing more.

Question: So I should not fight with anything?

Answer: Fight only in order to fulfill this law.

Question: Who is this struggle with?

Answer: It is fighting with yourself, of course. Only. So there is nothing to blame in the mirror. This is how we must work, and then what we do is what we get.

Question: That is, if everyone is directed at themselves, and not at the other, then will we turn this picture of the future?

Answer: As much as we wish. We will do as much as we want.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/18/21

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