The Future Already Exists

Laitman_131Question: You say that the future depends on us, but our destiny is predetermined. How are we to understand that?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that we all must reach the state of the final correction. It is already predetermined. Moreover, we already exist in it.

Now we need to realize this future, bring ourselves closer to it. How we do it—the fast way or the slow, we strive forward by ourselves or urged by nature—depends on us. But the future already exists.

This is the state we were in before the breaking of the vessel of our soul and now we have to get back to it. We will not get away from it, we will be obliged to take each of our points, our cell, you, and I, and everyone else.

But the road by which we reach this predetermined future does not exist, it depends precisely on us. It depends on us how quickly we will be able to achieve this goal, how fast can we reach it, how comfortable our way will be.

We absolutely have to reach its predetermined end where all the parts of the soul will meld into one common system, into one whole, and the Creator will fill them infinitely with the upper light. We must get to this state.

Question: You frequently mention that there is spiritual information, Reshimo, in a person. Does it really exist in us?

Answer: There is a Reshimo in a person, a record of all states that this person needs to go through from the beginning till the end. But the person determines how he will go through them: fast or slow, comfortably or through blows.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/28/19

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