From What “Point” Does A Kabbalist Make A Prediction?


Question: Spirituality is beyond time; past, present, and future don’t exist. From what point does a Kabbalist make a prediction?

Answer: There is no connection between one and the other! Spirituality is a state where you come to a higher level, where a person begins to work on his egoism and builds everything above it. Therefore, in the Kabbalist’s perspective, time doesn’t exist because time is one of the parameters in an egoistic system. However, if the calculation “for my sake” or “not for my sake” ceases to exist, then the parameter of time disappears. Everything happens precisely according to Einstein’s theory; you go beyond the limitations of time, space, and motion. But only beyond egoism.

This doesn’t exist within egoism. Therefore, we exist within time. When you say “spirituality,” don’t try to squeeze it between us. It exists only for people who go beyond the material framework and acquire completely new Kelim (vessels) for perceiving reality.

Question: But doesn’t a Kabbalist make predictions that come from spirituality?

Answer: No. I am not talking about spirituality, only about our world and those people who are in it.

Question: So in what way does a Kabbalist’s prediction Kabbalist differ from others?

Answer: It isn’t different. Physicists make predictions, so do philosophers, and so do I. I am simply pointing out we can expect nothing good based on egoism because it develops and is the basis of our life.

Question: Somehow you must start with alternatives for a solution. What will happen if humanity begins to get closer to the law of altruism?

Answer: If it starts; it is very difficult to believe this. But if they begin, then certainly all events will begin to change according to the changes of humanity.

Question: In Kabbalistic sources it is written that everything is determined. If a third world war is programmed and we suddenly begin to relate to each other well, could it not happen?

Answer: It wouldn’t happen.

Question: But doesn’t it have to happen according to the program?

Answer: Why must it? Nothing is programmed except for the conclusion! But when it will happen and in what way you will reach it is not determined by the system. Therefore, a person has freedom of choice, which exists from beginning to end. It is given to a person with the recognition of evil and with his ascendance to the good. According to this, a person seems to sweeten time.

Question: Does this mean that there are several options for development?

Answer: Every option is before you at every moment. You move a bit in a good direction—the world becomes better. Move a bit in a bad direction—the world becomes worse. Everything depends on the connections between us. We need to resemble the global law of nature that includes the entire system within it. And when we also build a global system of interconnection and interdependence, then we make ourselves similar to the general law of nature and feel comfortable within it.

And when, on the contrary, we follow our egoism, which distances us from each other with hatred and all kinds of calculations, then we oppose the general law of nature and ultimately get what is.

Question: What is the mechanism of the connection between people?

Answer: It is the simplest law, the law of equivalence of form, equivalence of characteristics. We live in a sphere that is absolutely altruistic, called the “Creator” or the higher general nature. The more we resemble it, the more we feel comfortable. And to the degree that we differ from it—then we don’t.

Similarity to nature is expressed by the fact that we must make efforts to assume the mutual laws and relationships that exist in the higher nature. These are the laws of bestowal and love. In this state I perceive all as parts of a single mechanism within which we simultaneously turn in complete harmony with each other. Then it is good for us—no one inhibits anyone, no one is pulled forward against his will, and we are all in an ideal state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17 

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