Overcome Disappointments

963.6Question: What does it mean: “One should see the manifestation of the Creator in everything, except: “Leave”? But is “leave” also a manifestation of the Creator?

Answer: Yes, the Creator specifically says to obey Him in everything, except for one thing: when He allegedly offers you to leave.

A person often has the feeling that, obviously, the Creator does not want to deal with him, move him forward, help and prompt him, but gives him continuous disappointments. “Nothing can be done, probably not for me this time,” and so on.

There are many such moments when one is disappointed and wants to leave. This should not be done in any case. They are specially brought to a person. It is okay that they exist, but it is desirable that they last no more than a moment. As it came, so it went.

Question: Isn’t it beyond the control of a person?

Answer: When it comes, it is out of control! But in the next moment it should already be evaluated, and in the next there should already be a reaction.

Question: Do similar things happen at your degree too?

Answer: At all degrees. At my degree, the feeling of falling is much stronger than at the beginning. The difference between the qualities of bestowal, entering the highest degree and falling to the lowest is much greater than for beginners.

Comment: But sometimes it seems that when a person first encounters a descent, he is more “smudged.” After the first descent, people have such states.

My Response: They do not yet have the freedom and the ability to move themselves, to be above themselves.

When I come to the lesson, you do not feel what state I am in. Ascent, descent, some vague feelings, experiences. You don’t feel it, do you? I’m the same in front of you almost all the time.

I have better states and worse states, but it depends on how I feel, on the condition of my throat because I talk a lot, in general, nothing more. But in fact, inside myself I am in completely different worlds: in the upper or in the lowest. But I am the same toward the students. They can’t see my inner state.

Just like a baby does not understand the mother’s state: maybe she feels bad, is upset about something, is angry with someone, or, conversely, is joyful. She always shows maximum attention, engagement, and responsibility to him.

Question: Does the connection with the group allow you to go through these states faster?

Answer: Yes, it does. But the connection with the group should be a little different, increasingly intense and tighter.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Confessions of the Kabbalist” 2/23/13

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