How To Release Accumulated Anger?

633.3Question: You tweeted: “Do not replace hatred with love, you will destroy love. It is recommended to keep all bad things and learn to cover them with good, with love. To cover means to maintain conformity, to be between them. Then you will stand on two legs and grow both of these qualities in the middle line.”

A reader asks: “It is so hard, but you have to accept it, there is no other way. The only thing that matters for me is where to cast out the accumulated evil?”

Answer: It should not be cast out. Accumulated evil must be covered with good. That is why it exists: so that the good grows all the time. The good cannot grow without reason. Only if evil grows will we raise the good above it by our efforts.

Question: How can someone come to terms with evil?

Answer: We should not come to terms with it! We should look at the world in a reasonable way. It is not easy, it is very hard, but we will otherwise not come to the correct view of the world.

The world consists of two forces: positive and negative. Therefore, we need to interact in the right way: love and hate, good and evil, minus and plus. We must find a balance between them.

Question: And what will enable this transition? It is like a balloon that inflates, inflates, and anger accumulates, accumulates. How will the transition from the state of anger and hatred to the state of love take place?

Answer: When we realize that we cannot destroy anger, hatred, and all our negative properties and impulses, but we can only balance them with positive properties so that they coexist.

Question: A reader asks about a multi-step algorithm. Suppose she is filled with anger or hatred. What should she do step-by-step in order to reach the next state?

Answer: In general, this should be done in the group, in an environment that supports this method, under the guidance of a more experienced person who can really direct you how to do it.

But the main thing is that we do not destroy negative properties. We understand that they should exist in nature as well as positive ones, and only in their proper interaction with each other can we create a convenient, necessary, comfortable and, most importantly, reliable world that will not keep falling from hatred to good and from good to hatred, without knowing what awaits us  the next moment.

Question: So we need to face this state of hatred and anger?

Answer: Face it in the right way, appreciate it correctly, understand that no one is to blame, that it is our nature that develops us in this way, and we must balance it with good forces. And in order to find these good forces in nature, we must make efforts.

For this, we need a support group that will set us an example and support us. And when everyone supports his friend, we will be able to clearly and faithfully set ourselves up for the correct interaction, the correct balance between love and hatred.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/3/19

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