Can Spiritual States Be Seen In Outer Life?

547.05Comment: All Kabbalistic sources speak of only two forces, altruistic and egoistic, but in different interpretations, through different allegorical stories, which speak of their interaction. Everything is as simple as that—two forces and that’s it.

My Response: No, it is not easy because both forces are clothed in us, and within ourselves we must figure out when, how, and to what extent each of them dominates in us.

Question: And how can all the situations from the story of the exodus from Egypt be transferred to our ordinary life? Can I see how the power of egoism destroys my inclinations to altruism, to love?

Answer: Where will you see it? All our present and future life is built on egoism, there is nothing altruistic about it. The Creator is hidden. Instead of Him, only Pharaoh.

Question: But all biblical stories describe spiritual states that a person goes through. Can they be seen as manifestations of material life through external situations that surround a person?

Answer: No. After all, we have not yet gone through spiritual states. We are still in a state where Pharaoh gradually manifests, and manifests itself as evil for us. This period is called the realization of evil.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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