Yearning For Greater Balance

232.09Question: What should we do in order to precede the right choice of our path by thinking, expecting, and predicting it?

Answer: It is very simple.

On the whole, we need to reach a world in which a wolf dwells with a lamb in peace, and a little child leads them, and so on. The prophecy in the Bible is true.

The goal of our development is to attain a state in which all the parts of creation find their place, the right mutual cooperation with all the other parts, and thus the whole world reaches a state of balance. This is the real state of the world, which is good and right and most stable, that we will need to attain.

In order to yearn for this state, we need to yearn for unity between us. Thus we will impact all the lowest states of the world, by our yearning for unity. We simply need to act correctly. To act correctly means to constantly aim at greater mutual cooperation between as many parts of the system as possible, in order to reach its balance.

Question: How is the major force that operates in this whole process expressed?

Answer: The major force that operates is the general force that manages the whole universe, all of creation, and which sustains it in a balanced state. It is the good force that overcomes the evil force, but by mutual cooperation with us, so that the good force sustains the whole system in a state of balance.

Question: How can we reach the level of this force of providence?

Answer: It is only by our efforts to be together, to be connected in good relations.

Question: Scientists say that philosophers think in terms of the interaction of time and system dynamics. They understand the whole system and how everything is divided in time, and they understand that it is still necessary to add interaction. This is similar to acrobats in a circus who stand on each other’s shoulders in order to attain a certain formation and reach the top. Do we need the same cooperation there is between acrobats, who feel each other, support each other, and thus keep their balance?

Answer: Acrobats pay constant attention to any diversion from balance and behave like a surveillance system in order to keep their balance. Here, however, it is on a higher level. I don’t need to work in a surveillance system and to constantly get rid of the disturbances in order to keep balance. Instead, I need to constantly yearn for greater balance. Only then will I be totally sure that my pyramid will not collapse.

Question: What is the greatest balance?

Answer: An even greater balance is an increase in the level of balance, an increase in its strength. Here, more and more data must be taken into account in order to include it in the equilibrium formula and to balance again and again.
In order for both negative and positive forces to manifest themselves even more, they were divided even more into many parts, and all of them together determined the conditions that the formula should integrate and balance.

Question: What data is there in this formula other than the positive force and the negative force?

Answer: No other data. There is only the balance between them. Everything is very simple.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/3/19

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