How Is the Middle Line Created?

232.08Question: How can we give up the right line willingly in order to move to the middle line?

Answer: You should not give up anything. The middle line appears as a result of the right combination between the right line and the left line.

On the one hand, it exists thanks to both of them. We can say that the right line becomes the right line only because there is the left line in contrast to it. In fact, the implementation of the two lines takes place in the middle line. This means that one line cannot exist without the other. They determine and define each other by existing one opposite the other.

Question: Are there any special clear indications of the middle line, and how can we attain that it is actually the middle line?

Answer: The middle line is attained by balance. It is just like a person walking on a tightrope constantly balancing himself with the help of a rod. It is the same with you. If you forget this, you will not have a middle line because it does not exist on its own but only as the combination of two opposite lines.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/16/18

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