Find Out What Is Happening To Us

963.6All nature—still, vegetative, and animate —develops according to its own laws. We humans are also part of animate nature. But there is another part in us, which is called “human.”

It is interesting that the constantly growing egoism in us is the human component that drives us toward development. But we are misusing it.

That is, our body is an animal, and our spiritual component, the human in us (in this animal there is something else called a man), does not develop according to natural laws. It is given to us so that we ourselves develop it correctly, but we cannot manage it.

First of all, we must reach the realization of evil, that by natural egoistic development we cannot bring ourselves to a right life, to a good, kind state. When we put ourselves on the brink of disappearance, extermination, destruction, then humanity will come to its senses. This is stated in Kabbalah, and this should be decided in the coming years.

Question: What if people don’t listen?

Answer: They will listen, they will make you suffer. After all, our nature is the desire to enjoy. Therefore, if we experience suffering, we are ready to do everything to get rid of it. And now we are stuffing ourselves with bumps, we are introducing ourselves into suffering, which ultimately will unite in such huge, unbearable sensations that we will be ready to change everything.

Question: But what way out does a person have today?

Answer: Find out what is happening to us. This is revealed by the wisdom of Kabbalah. It tells about the history of our development, starting with the higher forces of nature, how the network of forces in the universe was created, and then gradually the universe and everything in it was formed, and where this should lead us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion. All religions are only 2,000 years old. And Kabbalah originated in ancient Babylon. The first Kabbalistic books date from this period.

Today Kabbalah is becoming so popular and in demand because by studying it we begin to understand the origins of our nature, our life, and our development.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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