Mandatory Disclosure Of The Wisdom

From “Who Are You, People of Israel”

As the world groans under the pressure of two conflicting forces—the global force of connection and the separating power of the ego, we are falling into the state that existed in ancient Babylon prior to the dispersion. Alas, today we cannot draw apart and sedate our egos. Our only option is to work on our positive force that balances the negative power of our ego.

The people of Israel, descendants of the ancient Babylonians who followed Abraham, must implement the wisdom of connection, namely the wisdom of Kabbalah. They are required to set an example to the whole of humanity, and thus become a “Light for the nations.”

The Key to Happiness

The laws of Nature dictate that we will all achieve a state of unity. However, there are two ways we can come to that happy end: 1) a path of world suffering, wars, catastrophes, plagues, and natural disasters, or 2) a path of gradual balancing of the ego, the path that Abraham planted in his disciples. The latter is the one we suggest.

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