The Art Of Shooting At An Invisible Target

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “Come unto Pharaoh – 2”: …And when he completes the work of love of friends, he will be able to be rewarded with love of the Creator.

We should know that there is a virtue to love of friends: one cannot deceive himself and say that he loves the friends, if in fact he doesn’t love them. Here he can examine whether he truly has love of friends or not. But with love of the Creator, one cannot examine oneself as to whether his intention is the love of the Creator…

A person doesn’t receive any feedback from the love of the Creator, he only can imagine and fantasize as he likes. Here, however, in working with the friends, he constantly can examine to what extent he loves them or not, to what extent he sees the group and in what form.

This is why the Creator arranged the shattering that separates us from Him and has left it for us to correct. This is the only way that we can depict our state correctly, imagine the right state, and assess the exact distance between us, and thus be able to get close to Him.

Otherwise, there is no feeling of the Creator. So, how can you advance toward something that you don’t feel and is concealed from you? Therefore, the group appears before us instead of the Creator so we can find our way around.

It is like shooting at an invisible target. If you cannot aim directly at the target, you should calculate all the parameters: the wind, the distance, the temperature, the weight of the shell itself, and the quantity of explosive. Only when everything is calculated can you shoot.

However, how can you calculate accurately in order to hit a target that is ten kilometers away or even ten thousand kilometers away from you? You must use all the means at your disposal in order to do it. The same thing happens with the vessel, with our soul. If we arrange it correctly, we will discover the Creator in it.

Otherwise, it is impossible because the Creator is concealed. So, how can we focus on Him? Humanity imagines the Creator in different ways in its egoistic imaginations. We cannot focus on the Creator, and that’s a fact. If you cannot focus on the group, then of course you cannot focus on the Creator.

Therefore, it says that the Creator is in the center of the group. The shattering is a great help for us. Without it, we would never find the Creator. It is impossible to reach Keter straight from Malchut, without Bina in the middle. This is the point that connects us with the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/7/14, Writings of Rabash

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