Working Joyfully

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are passing through various states. First, when we encounter the ego, we ask for them to raise us above it, meaning that we work with the “left line.”

Then there is a miraculous transformation; we reach the “right line,” we unite and connect, the Light floods us, we are well, we have a gleam in our eyes, and we look like fanatics. And here we understand that we can’t go out to the public like this because they will not respond to us. And the moment we begin to extinguish this, they ask us: “Where is your joy?” So what is working joyfully?

Answer: We must have calm confidence: “Please hand me the scalpel, I am going to operate on my ego.” This means that we have full confidence in the fact that we are all doing the right thing together.

Question: So where is the joy discovered?

Answer: Isn’t this joy? There are various levels of joy: the joy of a little child, the joy of an adult, and the joy of a wise person.

In this case, during the convention we are in our circles and how we seem from a distance doesn’t interest us at all. We can hug each other joyfully or express our joy differently. That is not important to us.

It is not important how we convey joy and confidence to each other. Be honest! You are in your collective, in your family.

All spiritual work is built upon infinite joy! We are happy about what we have received, about the time we are living in, what the incarnation of our soul is, and how we were chosen by the Creator to help humanity and be a conduit for its development. Whatever we touch, everything must be built on joy, on the confidence that we can attain the goal.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 4

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