Rise Above The Oppositions

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of the confrontations, conflicts, and wars in the world are initiated from above so that we will require the Light of the Creator, so that we will understand that we cannot do anything by ourselves. We must simply lift up our hands and scream. What is happening in the world is unbelievable. Suddenly everywhere in the world intense hatred has flared up that is derived from all kinds of sources and for various reasons.

Moreover, this is a kind of confrontation and conflict that we couldn’t even conceive of before, nor could we even suppose that it was possible. It is awful to look at such a vast country like the Ukraine, which is being torn apart.

I don’t think that it is necessary to blame America or the European Union. The Creator has arranged all of this for us. There is one reason; we must rise above our oppositions. We must rise above them so much that they stop. This is very serious work.

The Creator is playing with us from above and we must focus entirely on connection and unity. Our worldly ways will not result in anything.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 4

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  1. Dear Rav,

    I read two newspaper reports today that highlighted the plight of ethnic Yazidi Women in Iraq, who are now being badly abused by ISIS militants.

    On the one hand I know that we in our group must unite to stop this suffering, but in the immediate sense what can we do with all of these problems ? Is it really just a question of praying ?

    Kind regards


  2. So…what is this “rise above”…what are the physical actions…what are the real thing that I am able to do…I wanna help someone. I can´t stand so much injustice and indifference anymore!
    Please tell me what I can do..something practical!!

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