How Frequently Do You Remember The Creator?

Dr. Michael Laitman Question: What kind of fear should I feel, should I fear forgetting the Creator?

Answer: It is good if you already have a fear like this. How many times per day do you remember the Creator, if at all?

Question: That is a spiritual level, so how do we reach this?

Answer: This is through mutual guarantee, through the greatness of the importance of the Creator. The main thing is the importance of the Creator. You must arrange and organize such an environment that will strengthen this importance in you.

You yourself are simply an egoistic desire to receive, nothing more, that wants to lie still and receive pleasure without investing any effort. And suddenly you announce that you are thinking about the Creator. How can you think about Him? It is impossible. The Creator is completely opposite to my nature. So you must get the importance of the Creator from the environment.

The shattering makes us dependent on the environment, and we need to use it. If a person puts himself under the influence of the environment, this helps him and influences him. If he remembers the Creator, this means that the environment reminds him. But he must arrange and organize this environment himself.

There must be an external cause, an external stimulus, which reminds us of the Creator. This is because you never look in His direction yourself and don’t think about Him. Sometimes the Creator reminds us of Him. And in general this is what happens to us; suddenly we remember the Creator, the spiritual path. But it’s because of an awakening from above, and this is not considered to be advancement.

Or the environment reminds us about the Creator, about the path, and strengthens us with the importance of spirituality. But this is a result of our preliminary work and so this is considered to be on our account. I invested energy in the environment and the environment influences me.

Without the Creator and without the environment, by myself, I will not be raised above the ground. My nature is like that. So what is left for me is only investment in my environment or to wait until an awakening will come from above and arouse me. And in general we wait for an awakening from above. But this is the path of suffering.

The Creator awakens us several times and after that leaves. This means that a person apparently must receive a bit more suffering to become a little more sensitive to the awakening from above.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/04/14, Writings of Rabash

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