The Secret Of The Ten Tribes, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “Egypt”? Is it a country or a certain concept or state?

Answer: Neither geography nor history matter here.

The group that came out of Babylon united in the right line (“Abraham“), in the left line (“Isaac”), in the middle line (“Jacob”), and reached total unity under the name of “Joseph.” He is also called “Joseph the Righteous,” “the Righteous, the foundation of the world.” The “foundation” (Yesod) is what connects everyone together, part of the overall spiritual structure, their inner unity.

Now, as they are united, we can talk about how to raise them to the next degree. But to do this, they needed to be given a huge ego that would rule between them so that they ascend above it.

This means that at the beginning, this huge egoism has to pull them inside. It pulls them and they begin to feel the egoistic development within themselves and become aware that it is possible to advance to the goal with its help. This is called: “the seven years of satiety in Egypt.” That is, egoism of “satiety” is developing in them and it does not interfere with them.

Then “the seven lean years” come, when their egoism begins to be manifested as evil. The evil Pharaoh then rises in Egypt and acts against them, that is, tries to divide them. They fight against this division up to the point when Moses kills the Egyptian, which is located between the Jews, that commanded them.

That is, there is such tension, such shifts in society, that they have to do something about it to such an extent that they have to simply flee from this state, get out of it, because they will not be able to exist in it.

They do not agree to exist in this egoism, but if they remain in it, then the evil Pharaoh will immediately appear as good. He suggests to them: “Why are you making troubles? Why are you making noise? Stay, live quietly, mind your own business, and you will be fine.” In other words, don’t touch ideology and everything else will be all right. This is common to all the rulers in the world: “Leave ideology to me, and I will provide you with everything you need.”

The Jews of course do not agree with this. Moses begins to “warm them up.” “We need to get out of here; otherwise we will remain as ‘animals’ in this Egypt. In order to rise to the level of the ‘Human Being,’ to reveal the Creator, we need to escape the power of this egoism, which exists between us, the power of Pharaoh… To ‘exit Egypt’ means to rise above one’s egoism internally. And to do this, we have to connect with each other even more. But we cannot unite more unless we break away from it…”

Consequently, the desired action is to rise above egoism with the help of some special force, to unite with each other, and then gradually correct this egoism, which is below. This is what they do; they rise above their egoism and unite. This is called “standing at Mount Sinai.” Then, united and receiving the force of unity, which is called “the Torah,” they gradually correct this egoism for forty years.

In other words, they begin to correct the Pharaoh who is between them. At first, they neutralize him so that he does not spoil any relationship between them, does not disturb them. Thus, they become united in a single force.

The next move forward is called “entering into the land of Israel,” when they begin to apply this egoism of Pharaoh in order to further connect with each other. That is, they begin to “excite” it, to awaken it in them, to reveal it.

First, they left it alone, worked over it, rose above it, all the time contracting and “covering” it. This is called “the forty years of wandering in the wilderness.” And then there is the entry into the land of Israel when they reveal this egoism, the Pharaoh himself, and then begin to “convert” it to altruism.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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