Movie Tickets Instead Of Bread

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens to a person when he enters a theater and becomes impressed by its special atmosphere? Where do his daily thoughts and worries go?

Answer: It is a known fact that big fish eat small fish. So if a person watching events on stage experiences a much greater emotion than all his other emotions, then he forgets all his worries.

During the great depression in the US during the 1930s, people would buy movie tickets instead of bread. The film was more important than food because it evoked great emotions in them. They forgot about themselves for the duration of the movie and did not need bread.

Question: Why is it so important for a person to forget about themselves for a couple of hours?

Answer: It gives them unlimited fulfillment. Bread can fill one’s stomach, but while eating it, the person will be swallowing each piece with tears, suffering because he is poor and miserable. This way he does not become free from the difficulties and the problems that life brings. He worries about his family, wife, children, his household, and sees how helpless and poor he is.

But when he goes to the theater and experiences the life of a king in a castle, which is so distant from his own life, he is prepared to pay for this experience. He identifies with the protagonists and feels like they are equal. He spends two hours in a magical world. Consumed with the performance, the viewer ceases to exist; he becomes a sponge that absorbs everything that goes on the stage.

Question: But where does his own life go during these two hours?

Answer: His own life disappears and he feels like he exists in a wondrous dream. In reality, our current life is also a dream… But this is a whole other play.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/22/14

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