Kabbalah And The Development Of Society

laitman_231_03Comment: I came to the wisdom of Kabbalah via Freemasonry. I was interested in its history and gradually everything related to Freemasonry came down to the wisdom of Kabbalah for me.

From an evolutionary perspective there was a breakthrough in human development when the Kabbalists met the Templars: the invention of the banking system, medical advancements, etc., which can be regarded as evolution on the level of the speaking, including fighting wars.

Then came the next phase, the 13th century in which Europe was not developed, then the 15th century when it reached unprecedented heights. Then there was the fast development of the US in the span of 200 years, which is hard to grasp. This is a purely Kabbalistic project whether we admit it or not.

Answer: This is a true account of human history, but the problem is that during these periods the wisdom of Kabbalah went along with man’s egoism, pushing and developing and helping him like a mother who teaches her small child. Therefore, our development was in the direction needed for man’s understanding.

Now, however, we have reached the next phase that is opposite from our nature. It isn’t about the establishment of the banking system and profit making, or the development of industry and making society more egoistic, closed, and intricate, but rather about a different humanity, a different kind of communication.

This is why we have to get closer to others not in order to benefit from them but to lower our ego a bit and give in to it. Then a system of mutual consent will be created, and this is already a totally different approach, a different method.
From a webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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