Roots And Branches

laitman_608_01There is a law of roots and branches.

Historically we came out of Egypt once, crossed the desert, came to the land of Israel, built the First Temple, then the Second Temple, and so on, and all of this has already happened.

But we are not talking about things that happened in history; after all, they had to happen this way. We are talking about the law when a spiritual root necessarily has to touch its earthy “response,” or earthy branch. Roots and branches must connect with each other, but only once!

It is enough for the root to touch the branch lightly, and it already performs the work in it, creates connection. Therefore, we don’t need to return to Egypt again to buy a plane ticket to meet our Pharaoh there that rules over us. It’s just no longer necessary.

It remains for us to do what we have to do, i.e., to correct ourselves. All this already exists in the root and now we need to implement it in the branches. Therefore, we are in the land of Israel, in egoism, and now we need to undergo all this ourselves, to go through and to correct it.

Question: What does it mean then that a person should feel as if he exits Egypt every day?

Answer: The exodus from Egypt is a rise above our egoism. There are 613 egoistic desires (Taryag) in the egoism that need to be corrected to altruistic ones, i.e., desire of hatred, competition, and hostility to connection and love. This is called observing the commandments of correcting desires.

And this must be done daily because every time a person rises to a new level, each of them has the same 613 desires but in a different, stronger form. Therefore, every day a person must imagine that he exited Egypt and has the right to correct these desires.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

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